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What is the difference between black cumin oil Royal (Mallaky) and Ethiopian El Hawag? Leave a comment

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We are glad to see you on the website of the online store Al-Saha – professional and main official seller of Egyptian oils of black cumin El Hawag from Egypt in Ukraine.

Very often in search of high-quality and natural black cumin oil you face the dilemma of choice: which one to choose?

Black Ethiopian Speech and Messengers' Cumin Seed Oil: What's Going
Royal or Ethiopian?

After reading a lot of reviews about black cumin seeds, watching videos about cumin on YouTube and other resources, most of you come to the conclusion that the best black cumin oils in Ukraine and many CIS countries are natural 100 Egyptian oil factory El Hawag: “Royal” (Mallaky) and “Ethiopian”.

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The cost of each of them is quite low, but the quality is always very good.

But when buying very often there is a question about what kind of black cumin oil is still better than “Ethiopian” or “Royal” (Mallaky) in what differences between them.

So let’s take a closer look at this.

What is the difference and what are the oils “Royal” and “Ethiopian”

Which to choose Black Cumin Royal Oil or Ethiopian

What’s in common:

  1. Country and producer. Black cumin oils “Ethiopian” and “Royal” are produced exclusively at one oil factory in Cairo El Hawag from Egypt.
  2. Equipment. The same equipment is used for production.
  3. Production method. The oils are obtained by cold pressing from the black cumin seeds by cold pressing.
  4. Preparing raw materials. All seeds are pre-dried, for the production of seeds are never fried. The finished product is raw.
  5. Cleaning, filtering, refining. Both are not filtered, but only defended for the subsequent removal of sediment, both do not refine.
  6. Composition. There are only 100 black cumin oils.
  7. Tara, packaging, protection elements. Have the same shape, color and size of the bottle, have the same shape and in the same style cardboard packaging (only for volumes 125 ml and 250 ml) with identical elements of protection (hologram, cap with protection from opening, foil cap on the lid, squeezed elements El Hawag on the bottle itself).

What’s different:

  • Labels. Of course, both have different labels with their own unique design.
  • The origin of black cumin seeds. For the production of black cumin oil “Ethiopian” is used exclusively seed native to Ethiopia, which is characterized by its low moisture content, but high content of useful substances. “Royal” is often made from a mixture of 2-3 types of seeds: most from Syria and Saudi Arabia, quite a bit from Ethiopia.
  • The taste of the oil will be different. “Royal” has a more pleasant taste compared to “Ethiopian” Ethiopian oil is sharper in taste, with a more pronounced specific aftertaste (sometimes compared to machine oil or tar).
  • It’s bitter. The oil “Ethiopian”will be an order of magnitude more bitter.
  • The smell. The seed is native to Ethiopia with more essential oils than from the Syrian seed or Saudi Arabia. That is why the smell of “Ethiopian” is stronger, sharper, nastier.
  • Density. The viscosity, traction and density of Ethiopian oil will be a little more.
  • Color. The color of “Royal (Mallaky)” is closer to the golden-yellow with a slightly brown tinge. In oil from Ethiopian seeds the color is always more similar to brown-golden, sometimes even to black with a brown tint.
  • Of course, the price! “Ethiopian” in the amount of 500 ml costs – 575 hryvnia, “Ethiopian Premium” – 780 hryvnia, and cumin oil “Royal” – 550 hryvnia.

What is more useful: The Ethiopian or the Royal One?

The level of benefit is quite difficult to measure, as well as the degree of treatment and prevention of certain diseases.

It is quite common for buyers to ask questions of this kind. But there is no roulette or scale of use of this or that kind of black cumin oil.

Which can be said for sure: the cumin oils from the Ethiopian black cumin seed are denser with slightly more active nutrients, including nigellone or nigelazavitamin, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, micro and macronutrients than any other. But often these discrepancies between the data of the two oils presented are small.

Oil from the Syrian variety of cumin, seed oil from Saudi Arabia also perfectly perform their useful functions and only a fraction of a percent can be inferior to the Ethiopian.

What kind of oil of cumin El Hawag from Egypt still choose and buy: Royal (Mallaky) or Ethiopian?

Who should choose and buy Royal (Mallaky) oil?

  1. If you do not tolerate or bear hard enough sharp and specific tastes.
  2. For the first time you come across such a product and want to first get acquainted with its taste closer.
  3. Plan to give oil to your child.
  4. In ulcers, strong gastritis, increased acidity, frequent heartburn.
  5. Plan to use exclusively for cosmetic purposes.

Who should choose the Ethiopian?

  1. If you want to get the most out of less oil consumption.
  2. You are already an experienced connoisseur in the field of black cumin and familiar with other species, you are not afraid of the taste, smell and sensations when ingested.

One thing is certain: these two types of oils, if properly applied, will work perfectly.

Do not forget about the oil of cumin “Syrian” from the same manufacturer – the softest in taste position.

But most importantly, buy a really original and high-quality product from a proven seller!

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We wish only quality purchases and the right choice of them!

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