The use of black cumin in cooking

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A bit of history

History of black cumin

Since the ancient age of the native plant of seal seeds,is East Asia and the Mediterranean countries, at the moment this plant has been cultivated throughout the globe from Turkey to Ukraine. For centuries, cumin or blackber yen in Egypt seasoned dishes, and this spice was not spared and Indian cuisine. In Arab countries and now used black seeds not only for cooking, but also for medicinal purposes. Here it is used from almost all diseases.

It’s an interesting fact! Kalinji seeds are called “black sowing” because the species of blackberries is black, small, in the form of small droplets.

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Taste of cumin

To taste the seeds of blackberry at the same time and tart and a little islandy, slightly sweet with light notes of bitterness, have a pleasant aroma of strawberries, nutmeg and black pepper.

Use of “seed blackening” in various dishes

  1. This spice is suitable for dishes of beef, game meat, it clogs the characteristic aroma of meat, making better its taste qualities.
  2. Spice goes well with fatty types of dishes, thanks to its components, beneficial effects on the digestive system as a whole, food seasoned with blackbermins seeds is much better absorbed by the human body and does not leave the negative effects of excreting toxic substances from the body.
  3. Blackberry in many European countries is used as a condiment in sausages, helps in salting various vegetables, in eastern countries is used in some recipes as a seasoning to pilaf.
  4. The fruits of black cumin are a good spice in the manufacture of baked goods, perfectly combined with dairy and dairy products. To enhance the taste of seeds, lightly fry them in a frying pan before cooking.
On black cumin in cooking and drinking

Black cumin and its use with drinks

  1. If you want to get rid of the seasonal cold, flu, SARS, milk with natural honey and a pinch of grains of blackness will give your milk cocktail a piquant aftertaste, as well as help to quickly cope with diseases.
  2. In Muslim countries it is customary to add cumin to dairy products such as “tan airan” and to use this remedy as a dressing for vegetable dishes, can be combined with “crumb”, in our area spice is used with dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese and cheese.
  3. Various drinks, morsels, juices, compotes with blackberries will be both tasty and useful, spices are combined with cooked in drinks: aiva, pear, plum, apple can be combined with cranberries, as well as with citrus, orange, lemon, etc.
  4. Herbal or regular tea with black cumin,well combined jasmine, chamomile, melissa, lime, rose to taste can be added lemon and natural honey.
  5. Professional chefs recommend to fry the seeds of blackber spare in a dry frying pan then grind them, thanks to the secretion of essential oils,this spice reveals its taste and reveals its deep aroma.

Applying black cumin seeds in cooking

  1. In cooking for cooking vegetable and hot dishes, you can use not only the seeds of blackbermin, but also concentrated oil, this product, if it is a quality oil, you can mix with other types of oils: olive oil,sunflower, flax, etc. and make it dressing for salads.
  2. The butter of the blackber spare is added to the tea by 2-3 drops, hot drinks, mouss, porridge to strengthen and strengthen the body, mainly to prevent colds.
  3. This product is used in non-traditional medicine and is actively used in the treatment of various diseases, as well as in cosmetology. The whole thing is that the concentrated cumin oil of the blackberry has a pungent taste, it can be said bitter, and the aroma has a peculiar, not everyone will like it, but the use of it both internally and externally, if it is a quality oil, is very useful.

And a little bit about the main thing

Learning how this spice is used in cooking, and keeping the blackber press as a condiment, you will be able to decorate and diversify simple dishes, giving them a spicy flavor and making the usual table in a special pleasant way. There are thousands of recipes with a thousand years of history and from the world’s best cooks. It is worth writing a separate material about it, and perhaps a whole book.

Using blackberneys in cooking

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