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Black cumin and its hair use

The use of black cumin for hair

black cumin for hairBlack cumin is an extremely healthy hair product. Black cumin and its oil have a positive effect on strengthening, shine and silkiness of hair along the entire length, both when applied externally, and when ingested.

The healing properties of the black cumin plant have been known since the days of Hippocrates. Arab beauties have long used it to create natural cosmetics that are better and more effective than many modern creams, masks and shampoos made of synthetic components. Eastern manufacturers (Egyptian, Saudi, Indian, etc.) are aware of the many beneficial properties of dark cumin (black seed),so it is a frequent ingredient of their factory cosmetics.

What kind of plant is you can read here.

cumin oil to choose

What is useful for hair cumin?

This black cumin oil contains a whole range of essential components, useful for the scalp and full nutrition of hair:

  1. Vitamins B, A, E, D, which make brittle and brittle hair stronger and healthier.

  2. Omega 9 and Omega 6 fatty acids
    are responsible for hair nutrition, their natural brilliance and beauty.
  3. Micronutrientsthat strengthen hair, as well as reduce the amount of sebum released
    (zinc, manganese, phosphorus,
    etc.), helping against pionable and oily hair
  4. Dubile substancesacting as antiseptic, and protect against fungi and other infections.
  5. Phytosterolsare necessary with especially distressed hair. They eliminate inflammation on the scalp, fight hair loss.

The composition of black cumin also depends on the country of origin.

What is the difference between cumin seeds?

The seeds are Ethiopian, Egyptian, And Syrian are quite different in composition. Ethiopians are considered to be among the best, and their price fully corresponds to the high status of this raw material. Due to the high cost of Ethiopian black cumin, manufacturers often use seed blends – this is a great solution for the buyer, because he gets a good product at an affordable cost.

Black cumin seed oil has a high regenerative activity – cumin “wakes up” bulbs, especially those in need of nutrition, and triggers rapid hair growth. Dark oil helps from gray hair – it can prolong the youth of hair, postpone the appearance of the first white hairs and slow down the process of discoloration even in those who have already encountered gray hair.

What is the use of cumin for hair?

hair and cuminWhat is black cumin for hair is easy to understand by addressing the beneficial effects of nigella sativa oil, which it has on hair health:

  • provides nourishment of roots and hair along the entire length, saturates them;
  • the treatment of black cumin dandruff with oil is a wonderful way to get rid of unpleasant flax forever;
  • has an antiseptic effect, relieves inflammation and removes redness;
  • Black cumin seeds deeply cleanse the pores on the scalp;
  • moisturizes hair, making it smooth, elastic and very pleasant to the touch;
  • Roman coriander is irreplaceable in dry hair – has a complex effect (nutrition, treatment and moisture saturation), so that hair and restore its healthy appearance;
  • strengthening of hair prevents the appearance of split ends and brittleness;
  • Good cumin is able to protect hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on them;
  • it autotivizes the production of its own collagen and triggers active hair growth.

Black cumin is one of the most common recommendations when the first signs of baldness appear. Do not think that hair loss is an inevitability. Because in most cases it starts because of stress and improper care of the hair – just these problems and solves the seed.

The oil and seeds of black cumin are also suitable for the care of healthy hair. They can enrich everyday care products, make strengthening and rejuvenating masks that will help to preserve the natural beauty of hair for a long time.

To achieve the maximum healing effect, it is necessary to combine the external use of cumin seed with ingestion. It is most convenient to add dark oil to the diet – just one spoonful of oil in the morning before eating will improve your well-being and take care of your beauty from the inside. For those who are just starting to drink cumin oil, its taste may seem specific. In this case, just mix it with honey, juice or warm water.

Use black cumin oil for hair

Adding black cumin to shampoo

Shampoo with black tmin for hairOne of the most popular ways to quickly and simply take care of split tips, strengthen and nourish the roots of the hair is to add cumin oil to the usual shampoo.

This method of care will be suitable in a situation where there is no time or energy to draw up a full-fledged mask.

It is best to mix the ingredients right before applying.

Dosage: just a couple of drops to one serving of shampoo.

Or you can just buy the ready-made shampoo with cumin)

Black cumin hair masks

Black cumin and its use for hair mask

  1. Mask for the treatment of dandruff and excessive hair fat:black seed oil – 1 tsp;

rosemary oil – 12 caps;
– yogurt or kefir or dressing – 150 ml. The mask is carefully rubbed into the scalp, held for 30 minutes, washed off.

  1. Mask for active hair growth:

Cooking is simple – the oil mixture is lightly heated (to body temperature) and the yolks are interfered. Keep on the hair for no more than half an hour.

2. Mask at split ends and hair loss:

In equal parts mix olive, cumin oil, fatty cream. The mask is applied in a bountiful layer both on the hair and on the scalp. Leave the mask for 15 minutes and can be washed off.

3. Turkish mask for healthy and shiny hair:

  • Kalinji oil;
  • Olive oil;
  • onion seeds.

Ingredients are mixed in the same proportions, warm up to the human body temperature, keep at least half an hour, thoroughly wash the hair.

Other uses and useful recipes

The therapeutic effect is not only dry grains of black cumin or cumin oil added to cosmetics, but also shampoos, soaps, creams made industrially on the basis of blackberry sowing (another name of this unique plant).

In our store there is even a special cumin oil, designed for hair in a convenient package – be sure to try!

Recipes with cumin

Description of other effective recipes based on black cumin:what is cumin for hair

  • A universal mask that fits everyone. A spoonful of cumin, honey and cognac oil, one yolk. The oil is lightly heated and combined with other ingredients. Apply for an hour and just wash off.
  • A mask that helps you from hair loss. Two tablespoons of mustard powder, water, tar oil and one tablespoon of sugar are added to one egg yolk. The mask is designed only for the scalp, kept for 15 minutes (but not more than an hour), then carefully washed and apply a moisturizing mask on the length of the hair (mustard has a strong drying effect, so it is necessary to restore balance).
  • A remedy for damaged and dry hair. In equal parts mix cumin and coconut oil, warm up, apply on all hair, wrap in a towel and leave for one or two hours, then carefully washed with shampoo.
  • Strengthening mask. With one egg yolk mix the cumin oil, honey, flax oil (by a teaspoon), two spoons of scarlet juice, five drops of vitamins A and E. The mask is distributed to the hair, kept for up to an hour, done a course – ten procedures.
  • Hot wrap that soaks the hair and allows you to get a smooth and shiny hair. Heat mixed in equal parts of cumin oil and olives (they should be warm, but not hot!), apply to the hair, massage, put on a cap or wrap with a towel. Keep for up to half an hour, wash off shampoo.
  • Mask from gray hair at home! It is necessary to mix chamomile and cumin oil (equal lobes), add two drops of cedar and rosemary oils. Hold for half an hour, wash off.


Seidan (sedan) in any form is not recommended to use in pregnancy. Increased concentration of oil in masks can cause an allergic reaction. People with sensitive skin are used with caution.

Where to buy black cumin in Ukraine

Black cumin and its hair use

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