Black Cumin Oil

What is it?

Black cumin oil – squeezing (extract) of black cumin seeds, containing a whole range of substances that are useful for human life and has a long proven list of healing characteristics.

  • Color – brown, shade – slightly green.
  • In aroma – sharpness, spice.
  • Taste characteristics – astringent, can be quite bitter.

Black cumin is a herbaceous plant of the buttercup family (1 year old), its official name is Nigella sativa. It has a lot of names, srpedi them – cumin, Chernushka, Kalindzhi (in India), zira, seydan, “roman coriander” and others.

Black was named for the color of seeds, which taste pleasantly bitter. They are used for several thousand years in various oriental dishes. Cumin seed oil is an old therapeutic and cosmetological agent. There is evidence that the ancient Romans called black cumin “panacea” – a universal remedy.

How much is?

Prices for black cumin oil are completely different, it all depends on the country of origin, the manufacturer, the raw materials and the method of obtaining the oil.



“Royal” from El-Hawag:

  • 125 ml – 175 UAH.
  • 250 ml – 340 UAH.
  • 500 ml -480 UAH.

Ethiopian from El-Hawag:

  • 125 ml – 185 UAH.
  • 250 ml – 350 UAH.
  • 500 ml – 500 UAH.

Ethiopian Premium from El-Hawag:

  • 125 ml – 275 UAH.
  • 250 ml – 510 UAH.
  • 500 ml – 750 UAH.

“Ethiopian Premium” by Amana:

  • 500 ml – 1000 UAH.

“Syrian” from El-Hawag:

  • 500 ml – 475 UAH.

El Shrouk (Al Shuruk):

  • 125 ml – 200 UAH.



  • 100 ml – 295 UAH.
  • 120 ml – 300 UAH.
  • 500 ml – 1050 UAH.
  • 750 ml – 1430 UAH.
  • 1000 ml – 1760 UAH.


Hemani (Hemani):

  • Hemani Premium 100 ml – 210 UAH.
  • Hemani 125 ml – 170 UAH.


Arabian Secrets:

  • Royal Platinum 100 ml – 250 UAH.
  • Gold of Ethiopia 100 ml – 275 UAH.

Where can one buy?

As mentioned above, the sale of real black cumin oil is inexpensive in Ukraine carried out by official suppliers.

You can order cheap cumin oil in Kiev in the eastern Al Sakha store, on the site of which you are now located.

The prices for cumin oils presented here will delight you; you will find descriptions of each oil in sufficient detail – how to choose a product, there will be no questions.

Which one to choose?

We list the main producers of black cumin oil (Black Seed Oil, Nigella Sativa Oil) presented for sale:

El Hawag Factory

Egyptian producer of natural oils El Hawag is known throughout the world. The factory, which is located in the suburbs of the Egyptian capital, was erected in 2007. That is, the equipment on it is modern enough to produce the highest quality natural black cumin oil.
qualified staff.

El Hawag has branches in Europe, Africa, and Russia. It is also delivered to the USA, South Korea and even Japan.

In Ukraine, the products of the brand on the most favorable conditions can be purchased at the online store Al Saha.

The main brands of cumin oil brand El Hawag:

  • Royal black cumin oil is one of the most elite brands. It is made from Ethiopian black cumin seeds and from Syrian seeds, which are mixed in a special proportion. The product has a characteristic smell and taste. The oil is unfiltered and may have a dark color residue.
  • Ethiopian – made from Ethiopian black cumin seeds. It features a unique composition and extraordinary utility.
  • Ethiopian Premium – an exclusive position in the store Al-Sakha. It can be found only here, in the United States and South Korea.


  • 125 ml
  • 250 ml
  • 500 ml

Tasnim Factory

Tasnim – manufacturer of oils, located in the European Union, namely – in Austria. The equipment in the plant is German. Production of the plant is very popular among Europeans and among residents of the former USSR. Russia, Poland, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine are the countries where demand is high for Tasnim products.

Main product brands:

Tasnim black cumin oil – made from Ethiopian black cumin seeds by cold pressing. Unrefined, has a specific taste and smell. Very useful oil.

Cumin oil in Tasnim capsules – the product of the first cold-pressed. Capsules are made from healthy fish oil. Among the buyers is popular packaging of 80 capsules, each of which contains 0.6 grams of oil.


  • 100 ml
  • 120 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 750 ml
  • 1000 ml.


A small Egyptian production of natural oils, among which are Arabian cumin oils. Produces the brand Ethiopian Premium – black seed Oil from Ethiopian seeds of elite varieties.


  • 500 ml

El baraka

Another famous Egyptian brand that has been on the market since 2002. Production El Baraka is in Hurghada. Among the large product range is black cumin oil.

Other manufacturers

In fact, the manufacturers of oriental black cumin oil are not limited to the brands listed above. There are also a number of oil manufacturers that deserve attention. Almost all of them use cold spin or even manual spin.

Raw materials – mentioned Ethiopian, Syrian and Saudi cumin seeds:

  • Nefertiti;
  • Al Shrouk;
  • Hemani;
  • Arabian Secrets;
  • Golden Camel:
  • other manufacturers.

Which black cumin oil producer is better is a difficult question. Each of them has its own highlights. Every customer has his own preferences and everyone thinks that black cumin oil is the best only from its favorite producer. Therefore, after the purchase, we invite you to leave your reasoned reviews about the oil of a particular brand.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of black oil are generally encouraging. Negative feedback is usually the purchase of a fake. Of course, not everyone knows what black cumin oil looks like, not everyone knows the taste and smell of Arabian cumin oil.

In this case, you need to trust the official suppliers who work with manufacturers directly. Then you are guaranteed to purchase certified cumin oil from the factory.

We remind you that our online store of Muslim goods Al Saha cooperates with manufacturers directly. And direct deliveries from Egypt, Austria give us the opportunity to keep small prices on cumin oil. Therefore, here you can buy real black cumin oil with cheap delivery. After that – leave your feedback, which we will be very grateful.

Shelf life

The shelf life of this black cumin oil is 2 years.

There is also a shorter shelf life, it all depends on the manufacturer. For example, El Baraka gives only six months for storage.

How to store?

Storage conditions – a dark dry place where the temperature does not rise above 25 degrees. heat

Ways to get black cumin oil

Natural black cumin oil is made in several ways:

Manual spinning is the oldest way to produce black cumin oil. It consists in the fact that the seeds of black cumin are placed in a specific container, from which the black seed oil is manually squeezed out. The energy-intensive method with relatively low efficiency, is now rarely used – mainly in the East in the East, cumin oil is obtained for its own needs.

Hot pressing – getting oil from cumin seeds by exposing them to pressure, temperature and special chemicals. It is characterized by a good percentage of oil yield, but there is a powerful serious loss in quality. High temperature and chemical elements destroy many useful substances.

Cold pressed or cold pressed is a technically advanced type of manual spin.

First, black cumin seeds are cleaned in special separators, then placed in a press. It is powered not by hand, but by electricity. The best black cumin oil is considered after the first extraction and unrefined.

It is an unfiltered product that retains its beneficial properties to the maximum. Although, due to the lack of refining, it has a precipitate and a peculiar flavor that someone may not like very much.

Properties of black cumin oil

Numerous curative properties of Chernushka (cumin) oil have been known since the times of the Egyptian pharaohs. Oil and black cumin treats just a huge list of ailments and ailments.

We list only some properties that it has, as it is sometimes called, black oil:

  • Black seed oil is added to dishes not only because of its spicy aroma. Eating cumin extract with food strengthens the system of digestion and eliminates many problems with it. The bactericidal effect of black cumin oils is to destroy pathogens and infections. Black parasitic cumin oil is extremely effective.
  • Black seed oils are recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. After all, it during lactation increases the generation of breast milk. Although according to other sources, it is not recommended during pregnancy and children under 3 years old.
  • Keep in combat tone the human immune system. Phytosterols and vitamin complex contained in seeds and caraway oil, can relieve fatigue syndrome and smooth out the effects of stress.
  • Stimulation of bone marrow production of leukocytes is another remarkable property of black cumin seed oil. But leukocytes are the main “fighters” who are in the service of our immunity.
  • Mild diuretic effect. Thanks to him, oriental black cumin oil stimulates the elimination of excess and harmful substances from the body. Numerous toxins and slags simply do not have time to linger and harm.
  • Good expectorant ability of black cumin oil from Egypt helps with colds, flu, bronchitis and other lesions of the respiratory system.
  • Due to the complex of essential human acids, oil from black cumin seeds has a very positive effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels of various calibers. Omega-acids (3-6-9) in addition help normalize hormonal levels and stabilize lipid metabolism. In addition, it is these acids caraway oil perfectly resists inflammation.
  • It has an impressive antioxidant effect. It has a good effect on the muscular system, makes the body more enduring.
  • They include plant hormones and other ingredients necessary for the perfect functioning of the human reproductive system. Therefore, to use the oil healthily for men and for women – increases sexual desire. In addition, it can help with infertility – again, both women and men. Long and successfully used in gynecology.
  • Much of what is found in cumin oils is used in medications that help with stomach ulcers. In its pure form, it is recommended to coordinate the dosage of the use of the cumin seed product with such a diagnosis with a specialist whose patient is registered / treated.
  • Black cumin oil in oncology in Ayurveda has long been almost the first choice. Proven its effectiveness as a prophylactic anti-cancer agent.
  • Used for healing from cardiovascular and endocrine diseases. The beneficial effects of thyme oil from the East on the thyroid gland are recognized by official medicine throughout the world.
  • For healing effects on the human epidermis, the eastern, in particular, Egyptian black cumin oil is used in cosmetology. The ability to heal wounds, smooth out wrinkles and “calibrate” the work of the sebaceous glands is one of the many “highlights” of the product. Helps resist allergic effects on the epidermis, fungi and acne, warts, various skin ailments – dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, lichen and others.

More information about the properties can be found in our article.

Basic uses


The external use of black cumin oil concerns the skin and hair.

For skin, for face

The effect of black cumin oil on the skin is to normalize fat metabolism and resist inflammation and infection. If the skin is dry, the oil of cumin will feed and moisturize it, smooth out wrinkles. Oily skin kalindzhi (cumin) to the desired level dry, clean the pores, remove excessive luster, the skin no longer shines.

Relieve wrinkles, acne and bad acne marks, remove inflammation.

Preparation and features of the procedure

Before applying masks from black cumin oil, you should conduct the preparatory procedures:

  • scrupulously clean the face of cosmetics
  • we steam skin: we apply broths; useful herbs (or linden oil, chamomile, nettle);
  • Apply the mask with soft claps;
  • adhere to the lines of massage, do not ignore the neckline;
  • a delicate area around the eyes is best around.

Oily skin

For a person with oily skin, you need to undergo a course of 8-12 procedures within a month. That is, I drive – 2-3 times:

Purifying mask: mix cumin seed oil (seven drops) and grapes (17 drops) oil. Apply and wait for ¾ hours, wash off.

Renewing mask: you need 8 grams of cosmet. clay, diluted in water until slightly thickens. Add 5 drops of cumin oil. Mix and apply. Keep 15 minutes.

Tightening mask.

Mix oils:

  • olive – seven droplets;
  • cumin – five;
  • rosemary ethers – four;
  • bergamot + juniper – three each;
  • basil – 2 drops.

Heat the mask (steam bath). Preheated mixture lubricates the prepared skin. We are waiting for the third hour.

Dry skin

Apply black cumin oil for the face with the epidermis with increased dryness should be three times-four times a week. The length of the course will be 1.5-2 months.

Anti-wrinkle mask: we take 15 grams of oat flour, add egg yolk and 6 grams of honey in a liquid consistency. Pour in 4 milliliters of cumin oil, mix. Apply to the skin of the face, rest up to a quarter of an hour, wash off.

Smoothing mask: mix 30 grams of sour cream, cinnamon (8 grams) and Chernushka (cumin) oil – 15 milliliters. Apply a large layer and hold for 15 minutes.

Treatment of psoriasis, acne, dermatitis: gently lubricate cumin seed oil of the affected area. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 days.

For hair

Black cumin oil in Ukraine and other countries is popular as a great hair product. Omega-acids, which are rich in natural Seidan oil, perfectly strengthen hair.

They also cleanse them, killing all harmful microorganisms, among which are fungal “dandruff” infections.

Vitamins nourish the bulbs and the hair itself, trace elements (Zn, P, Mn) work to narrow the pores and normalize the function of the sebaceous glands.

Fitostirols fight inflammation, tannins have an antiseptic / bactericidal effect on the hair.

A few recipes for using black cumin oil for hair.

Mask to restore

It is good for dry hair that has suffered – for example, after chemical applying or unsuccessful dyeing.
Take 1 table spoon of cumin seed oil, for the same amount of olive and sour cream (fatter). Mix, apply. Wash off after half an hour.

Mask for strengthening and growth

Suitable for standards. Hair or for hair of the mixed type. Apply weekly. Take 1 table spoonful of cumin oil, egg yolk and tea. spoon of burdock oil with castor. Wash off after a quarter of an hour.


Good d / hair oily type. We do it twice a week.

Mix 1 tsp. a spoonful of butter Kalindzhi (cumin) with 5 drops of rosemary oil and 150 grams of kefir (low fat). Massaging movements applied to the scalp, hold for half an hour, wash off.

Against fallout

Versatile – suitable for hair with different features. We do it twice a week. We take equally black cumin and olive oil. Massaging the effect of rubbing the mixture. We wait until 12 minutes, wash off.

Internal use

Above, we have described a number of properties of black cumin oil, although this list is far from exhaustive. Now let’s get down to how to take the oil inside for different diseases or for prevention. Black cumin oil treatment has a centuries-old experience, the healing properties of the product have long been tested in practice.

But nevertheless, in case of exacerbations of diseases (especially gastritis, ulcers), during pregnancy or individual intolerance, it is better to clarify the expediency of the application and dosage of caraway oil from your doctor. Of course, in order to harm yourself with caraway oil, you still have to try hard. But the consultation will not be superfluous – at a minimum, a specialist will help you choose the best course and dosage.

For prevention and to improve immunity

For adults, the optimal reception – twice a day for a teaspoon of oil before breakfast and dinner.

Black cumin oil can be given to children from the age of 6 (according to other sources from 3 years old). The dosage of black cumin oil is four times less than half a spoonful per day.

How to drink?

Black cumin oil for internal use:

on an empty stomach a quarter of an hour before meals;
wash down with honey (table. spoon) dissolved in 100 g of water or carrot juice (100 g);
The course lasts about 100 days, after 2 months you can go again.

Black cumin oil for children 3 years and under can be given only after permission of a doctor.

Black Cumin Oil Treatment

We give only a basic list of popular applications of black cumin oil:

  • with diabetes;
  • reducing the level of sugar;
  • to reduce cholesterol levels;
  • at antritis;
  • for potency;
  •  with bronchitis;
  • From cough;
  • for weight loss.


Here are some recipes.

Lower cholesterol: add 7 drops of chernushka (cumin) oil to mint tea and a little honey for sweetness. We eat on a hot morning on an empty stomach, in no case do not eat fat.

Cough: twice a day, 1 teaspoonful.

From flu / cough: Caraway in equal parts mixed with olive – this will be our drops for the nose. Slightly heat up. Pipette three times, four times a day.

For potency: rub the lower dorsal region and groin area with Arabian black cumin oil. A teaspoon of cumin oil and the same amount of chamomile oil stir in 1 tbsp. slightly warmed up water, add h. spoon of honey. We drink at any time of the day.

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