We wanted to share interesting information for connoisseurs of good rap music with shades of jazz.

Recently, a rap artist with the pseudonym “Black Seed Oil” from Kazakhstan is gaining popularity.

Agree that it is quite unexpected now and listen to the oil of black tmin)

Let’s tell you a little bit about this performer.


  • Full name of the performer: Aydin zakaria.
  • The artist’s alias: Black Seed Oil.
  • Age: 24 (soon his 25th birthday).
  • Born: July 14, 1995.
  • Birth place: Karaganda, Kazakhstan.
  • Location: Karaganda, Kazakhstan.
  • Sign of the zodiac: Cancer.
  • Height: 175 centimeters.
  • Weight: 65 kilograms.
  • Marital status: Not married.


The rep artist was born and raised in Kazakhstan on July 14, 1995.

In his teens he was an active participant in the Internet and realized that he was wasting time. This idea was the impetus for the emergence of a future talented performer.

Creativity in the initial stages was not remarkable. Aydin doesn’t really want to talk about his first steps.

One day his clips were watched by Husky and told about it. This moment can be considered just that happy mark for Aydin.

The history of the name deserves special attention.

After reading a book about the Maslow Pyramid, the guy in the kitchen noticed the usual black tin oil. It was at this point that he decided to use this pseudonym, because he believes that his music is able to heal as well as black cumin.

The first release was “Bad Jazz” in 2018 and consisted of only 4 tracks.

Here’s an example of Bad Bues:

in 2018, he received the award in the category “Experimental Project.”

Thanks to the fusion of trip-hop, rap and jazz with strong notes of melancholy, his work is gaining momentum.


Black tin oil – Intro (Explicit)

Black tin oil – President’s Office 2

Black tin oil – Maximum Black

Black Tmin Oil – What’s Great For You


Listen, enjoy and don’t forget about all the charms of black seed in oil, grains and music)

Written by M.S. S. S.

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