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Dabur Vatika Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil

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Dabur Vatika Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil

For how much you can buy?

  • The price of hair oil with black cumin without discount – 190 hryvnia.
  • The price at a discount – 170 hryvnia.
  • Delivery cost from The Post.


  • Name: Vatika Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil.
  • Manufacturer: Dabur.
  • Country: UAE.
  • Volume: 200 ml.
  • Cost: 180 hryvnia.
  • Discounted price: 160 hryvnias.
  • Oil type: for hair, for beard, eyebrows.
  • Natural ingredients: black cumin oil, olive oil, palm oil, rosemary.
  • Hair type: for all types.

Natural Vatika Black Seed Oil to strengthen hair

Arabic hair oil with black seed Vatika Dabur is a product that will help you forget about any other hair and scalp care. Thanks to its rich natural ingredients, the Vatika Black Seed Enriched Oil will not only strengthen the hair and bulbs from the inside, but also prevent the appearance of dandruff, flak, brittleness and dullness. Black cumin is also an active ingredient in many shampoos and hair loss products. Due to the fact that it nourishes the hair, the black seed oil is shown as a treatment for baldness, as well as for the growth of thick hair (for example, after childbirth, when many women experience significant hair loss).

Useful properties of black cumin oil for hair

The description of the existing components of Vatika Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil and the naturalness of the composition once again convinces in the exceptional quality of the oil and its benefits:

  1. The main ingredient, of course, is black cumin,rich in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. It is blakc cumin that nourishes, smoothes, cares, and soothes and normalizes the secretion of sebum.
  2. Rosemary, essential for growth and hair recovery after such aggressive procedures as dyeing, chemical perm, intensive straightening. Rosemary (or rosemary oil) “wakes up” bulbs, activates the growth of “sleeping” hairs, and effectively removes keratinized particles from the scalp.
  3. Rape, fighting with dandruff, and even with the seborrea, which is caused by fungus.
  4. Olive and palm oil, nourishing hair, which suffer from constant drying of hair dryer, styling with a flat or iron, washing the head in hard water or using too cleansing shampoo.
  5. The use of hair oils makes them smoother, heavier, moisturized. Vatika hair treatment is the best solution for problem hair, as well as for maintaining their health and natural shine.

How to use Vatika Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil

How to use Black Seed Hair Oil:

  1. Massage movements rub into the scalp.
  2. Wrap with a thin cotton towel.
  3. Hold for about an hour.
  4. If you need intense exposure – leave overnight.
  5. The oil is thoroughly washed out, best with a Vatika Black Seed Shampoo.

How to use oil in combination with regular shampoo:

  • Add a few drops of oil to your daily product (dosage – 2-3 drops at each wash)
  • it is recommended to use twice a week.

Purchase of hair oil with cumin

  • Online store Al-Saha sells oil Vatika Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil. Oil gets to us directly from the UAE, bypassing intermediaries. That is why in our prices there are no extra commissions and customers of Al-Saha are available exclusive goods at pleasant prices.
  • In Al-Saha (Ukraine) you can buy 200 ml Vatika Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil (United Arab Emirates), ordering in any convenient way: through the site, our VKontakte or Facebook groups, online chat, Skype or one of the contact phones.
  • On our website – a large selection of exclusive products, detailed descriptions, available price for any position, reviews about oil, medicinal herbs, spices, shampoos, etc., the opportunity to leave your review or clarify information about the product.

Don’t miss out – the bargain price of unique hair oil only in Al Saha!

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