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Black Cumin Bionatal Oil (ex. Amana)

  • 100 cumin oil FIRST cold press!
  • Black cumin seeds are only from Ethiopia!
  • Real FIRST, COLD squeeze.
  • Made using special technology using sediment.

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Best Black Cumin Bionatal Oil (ex. Amana)

  • From 2020, Amana Ethiopian black cumin oil is produced under the new American brand Bionatal.

The best black cumin oil from selected Ethiopian bionatal seeds

How much does the best black cumin oil cost?

  • Price 473 ml (16 Fl.Oz.) – 2440 UAH. (89$).
  • Price 118 ml (4 Fl.Oz.) – 1020 UAH ($37).
  • The cost of delivery of this oil – 0 UAH!
  • Plus free delivery of other goods of the Al-Sakha store with cumin bionatal oil in Ukraine.


  • Product name: Bionatal Ethiopian black cumin oil.
  • Manufacturer: Bionatal.
  • Manufacturer’s website:https://www.bionatal.co/
  • Country brand: USA.
  • Type of seed: exclusively selected black cumin from Ethiopia.
  • Type of receipt: REAL cold press (up to 25 degrees).
  • Number of push-ups: only the first push-up.
  • Filtering: unfiltered.
  • Available volume: 473 ml (16 Fl.Oz.) and 125 ml 118 ml (4 Fl.Oz.).
  • Price for 473 ml (16 Fl.Oz.): 1440 UAH.
  • Price for 118 ml (4 Fl.Oz.): 1020 UAH.
  • Delivery (Ukraine, Kiev): FREE to the New Post office.
  • Payment on receipt in Ukraine: available.
  • Country of production: Ukraine.
  • Name in English: Bionatal Black Seed Oil.
  • Other names: black butter, seidan, sedan, kalinji, Nigella Sativa Oil, Black Cumin Oil.
  • Bottle: Made of dark glass.
  • Cover: With autopsy protection, metal, there is protection from autopsy.
  • Aroma, smell: specific, slightly sharp.
  • Taste: rather unpleasant, bitter, long aftertaste, inherent burning.
  • Type: food, fatty, therapeutic.

About Black Cumin Oil Bionatal Ethiopian

Previously, for many years in a row, the black cumin oil “Ethiopian Premium” was produced by a small factory “Amana” in Egypt, which specialized only in the production of black cumin top level oil exclusively from Ethiopian seeds. And this oil, despite not the lowest cost remained the best of the best. Later production was moved to Dagestan. But delivery from Russia was impossible from military actions between Russia and Ukraine and a lot of economic restrictions on the supply of products.

Black Seed Oil Bionatal

Therefore, the long period of this oil was not on sale. But now we are introducing a completely new and improved product with roots from the USA – black cumin oil Bionatal. Bionatal just a few years ago launched its production in the United States of America. Initially, the emphasis was on top quality. To do this, professional equipment was purchased, the highest quality raw materials – black cumin seeds exclusively from Ethiopia. During this time, the name of the cumin oil from Bionatal became known far beyond the United States.

  1. The oil is made on the highest quality Turkish equipment.
  2. The oil output temperature does not really exceed 25-27 degrees.
  3. The oil is not filtered, but only defended, which keeps the maximum of the maximum useful properties of each seeds.
  4. No additives in the form of corn oil or oliveoil, no preservatives, no GMOs
  5. Made using special technology using sediment from small fractions of seeds after pressing, which makes the oil even denser and more useful.

Bionatal Oil Properties

Properties of this oil:

  • is a unique tool for general strengthening of the body;
  • Powerful natural immunomodulator;
  • An effective tool to improve metabolism;
  • normalizes blood pressure, lowers blood sugar;
  • has anti-inflammatory, tonic, antifungal effects;
  • stops hair loss, makes them soft and shiny.

The peculiarity, difference and value of this oil lies in several parameters:

  • The work from start to finish is completely manual;
  • only black cumin seeds from Ethiopiaare used;
  • extracted oil only the first press (the press does not pass the re-squeeze).

Thus, it is safe to say that this oil is absolutely exclusive in the world.

Properties and scope:

  • A unique tool for the overall strengthening of the body, both for preventive purposes and in the recovery period after the disease, acting as a powerful natural immunomodulator.
  • An effective means to improve metabolism, remove toxins from the body, regulate blood pressure, lower blood sugar, restore the nervous system, digestive system, eliminate gynecological and urological diseases, treat skin diseases, has a powerful antioxidant effect. In addition, the recorded evidence indicates that black cumin is an ideal candidate for the prevention and treatment of oncology.
  • In cosmetology, oil is irreplaceable due to its pronounced anti-inflammatory, regenerative, tonic, antiviral and antifungal effects on the skin. Ethiopian black cumin oil effectivelycauses hair loss,makes them soft and shiny, and is also used to treat cellulite.

How to apply (general rules):

  • For external use: apply a small amount of oil to the skin by rubbing or compressing. Detailed recipes can be found in the“Black cumin oils”section.
  • For internal use: for preventive purposes, be taken inside 1 teaspoon 2 times a day for 15 minutes before eating at least 1 month. The full course (1.5-2 months) will require 1 liter of black cumin oil. To treat specific diseases, you should stick to the right ways of using it.

You can read more about how to use it in a separate article on our blog.


Ingredients: 100 first cold-pressed oil from Ethiopian black cumin seeds.

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