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Cumin oil in Capsules 400 – 120 pieces

  • 100 original product.
  • Direct deliveries from the plant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Always fresh.
  • Affordable cost.

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Sanct-Bernhard Black cumin oil capsules

How much it cost?

  • The cost will be 990 UAH. for 400 capsules.
  • Price 390 hryvnia for 120 capsules.


  • Number of capsules: 400 capsules and 120 capsules.
  • The volume of the capsule: 500 mg.
  • The total volume of oil in 400 capsules: 264 grams.
  • Manufacturing country: Germany.
  • Manufacturer:Sanct-Bernhard.
  • Seed type: from Egypt.
  • Bottle: plastic.
  • Oil type: edible, therapeutic, fatty.
  • Type of oil: first cold press.

Black cumin oil in capsules: for health and well-being

Natural black cumin oil in capsules is a unique product for maintaining your health, preventing various diseases and restoring your body after suffering illness or stress.

Black cumin is a natural medicinal and general strengthening agent, long used in Arab cultures. Numerous positive reviews about the use of oil made of black cumin and its complex composition still amaze researchers – its usefulness and the fact that it is literally a panacea for many ailments. Including even such serious diseases as diabetes and oncology. Cumin in capsules is a convenient form of use of a popular product.

Oil in Sanct-Bernhard capsules

Sanct-Bernhard black cumin oil is a certified food additive. Production of the facility takes place at the company’s facilities in Germany, where traditional oriental recipes are used in combination with European standards and requirements for the safety and quality of raw materials.

In the online store AlSaha you can buy oil with black cumin in capsules, the prices for which will be as close as possible to the Egyptian! Affordable value without unnecessary commissions and mark-ups is the result of our direct cooperation with the manufacturer. Our price of black cumin oil in capsules is one of the best in Ukraine.

The use of cumin oil is prescribed for the following problems:

  • Allergic manifestations;
  • flu, cold, runny nose, asthma, bronchitis;
  • skin rashes such as neurodermitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.;
  • gastrointestinal problems;
  • Cancer;
  • abnormalities in the genitourinary system (cystitis, prostatitis, gynecology, etc.);
  • digestive disorders (constipation, heartburn, diarrhea, severity and stomach pain);
  • liver disease, after suffering from hepatitis;
  • hormonal imbalances, thyroid diseases, pancreatic;
  • need to strengthen the immune system (after suffering diseases, surgical interventions and stressful events, after a flight to another climatic zone, in the cold season and in spring with vitamin deficiency);
  • specially assigned to people with increased physical activity (athletes who are actively fond of fitness, etc.) to maintain the overall tone of the body.

Manufacturers offer capsules in response to customer requests:

First, selling oil in a gelatinous shell allows longer to preserve its useful properties;
Second, buy and take capsules much more convenient than oil packaged in bottles;
Third, black cumin capsules already contain an exact measure of oil.

How to use it

How to take capsules of black cumin?

Recommended dosage for adults:1-2 capsules three times a day.

It is best to buy the necessary volume of capsules with cumin for taking the course – from one to six months, depending on the severity of the disease.


Storage: In a cool and dry place, the optimum temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius.


Contradictions: pregnancy and breast-feeding period, it is not recommended to take people with implanted devices in the body, and with transplanted organs.

Avoid individual intolerant ingredients.

How to buy capsules of black cumin in Kiev

In AlSah (Kiev) you can buy natural Egyptian oil in capsules from Germany. Each capsule contains 500 mg of Egyptian-grade black cumin oil obtained by cold-pressed method.

Ordering a product is very simple – add the goods to the basket, make an order (indicate the number of pieces, choose the method of payment and delivery) and get purchased capsules with a courier or in the offices of the New Post.

Feel the power that black cumin oil gives the body.

Discover the secrets of longevity and excellent health that have been successfully used in the Arab East for hundreds of years!

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