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Dabur Vatika Treatment Cream Black Seed

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Dabur Vatika Treatment Cream Black Seed


  • The price of Dabur Vatika Treatment Cream Black Seed is 250 UAH!
  • Volume: 500 ml.
  • Manufactured by Dabur Factory in the UAE.

Vatika Hammam black tmin hair mask

The main “chip” of this Arabic mask Using the powerful regenerative action of black cumin seeds. A useful natural hair mask with black cumin is relevant for people with problem hair, but also as an excellent preventive measure.

The use of cumin for hair and scalp

  • Black cumin has been used to strengthen hair for at least a thousand years. Masks with cumin successfully used by women in the Middle East – this secret of healthy hair was later found in Europe, where healers prescribed such a remedy to noble ladies. The latter were ready to buy a hair mask with cumin for a lot of money.
  • In its composition, black cumin seeds contain a number of useful and irreplaceable acids and trace elements.
  • Getting into the skin, they have a number of effects: bactericidal, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, nutritious.
  • A good mask with cumin normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and has a balancing effect.

The composition of the mask

  • Dabur Vatika Treatment Cream Black Seed (production – UAE) the main components are natural products. They perfectly deal with dandruff and eliminate flaking, perfectly nourish the hair and make them healthy, thick and voluminous.
  • In addition to black cumin seed extract, the hair mask contains lavsonia extract (hen), chloride and magnesium nitrate and other necessary ingredients.
  • The weight is 500 grams.

How to apply Vatika Hammam hair mask

The manufacturer recommends doing so:

  1. Wash your head thoroughly.
  2. Apply the mask on the hair along the entire length with vigorous massaging movements.
  3. Hold a quarter of an hour. To achieve the best therapeutic action, you can take a towel, pre-soaked in hot water and squeezed. And wrap their heads around them.
  4. Rinse with warm water.
  • If you use this original Arabic mask regularly, the hair will become healthy and lush.

  • And most importantly:
    they will gain good protection from environmental impact (sun rays, excess humidity or vice versa, excessively dry air).

How to buy?

  • You can buy a hair mask with black cumin at affordable prices in our online store.
  • In Ukraine, we offer the best prices for quality oriental goods with black cumin.
  • You can buy this excellent mask directly on this site – delivery to Ukraine and CIS countries.
  • You can also leave a review of the Vatika Hammam mask and share your experience.

Order and let your hair be beautiful and healthy!

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