Kohl (Eyeliner)


Kohl (Eyeliner)

How much is?

The price will be 160 hryvnia.


Manufacturer: MR

Country: United Arab Emirates.

Black colour

Shade and color type: sequined.

Weight: 8 grams.

Class: therapeutic.

Allergy: hypoallergenic.

Use with contact lenses: allowed.

Case: plastic.

Packaging: polyethylene.


This medical eyeliner is ideally suited for expressive make-up, both eyes and eyebrows.

It is very useful for eyesight and strengthening eyelashes.

It contains camphor powder, which allows antimony to enhance cleansing and healing properties.

Not stinging eyes.

Perfect fit:

  • for people with poor eyesight,
  • for tearful eyes,
  • with eye pain,
  • with increased pressure in the eye,
  • under reduced pressure,
  • with red eyes,
  • with loss of eyelashes, eyebrows,
  • just for makeup,
  • for prevention.

Mode of application

Application: using a special glass wand in a set, apply antimony overnight. Wash off makeup remover in the morning. After getting used to the camphor powder, it can be used even during the day.

How to buy?

To create an order through the website, simply add the product to the cart and select Checkout. Then just fill in the necessary data for sending the order.

You can also buy MR Kokhl by making a phone call on one of the phones listed on our Al-Saha online store website.

Healthy and beautiful eyes – it’s all about Kokhl!


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