Hair Cream with Almond, Honey, Aloe Vatika

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Hair Cream with Almond, Honey, Aloe Vatika

How much is?

Price: 120 UAH.

Brief characteristics

Volume: 140 ml.

Manufacturer: Dabur

Country: UAE

Series: Vatika

Type: for deep moisturizing.


The cream is designed for ultra moisturizing. That is why it is ideal for dry hair type, as well as damaged, fragile and thin.

This particular cream is able to restore your weakened and thinned hair, as well as dyed, to give them normal nutrition and the required level of moisture.

Several active natural ingredients help to get healthy hair:

  • Almond oil penetrates the hair structure and strengthens it, thereby reducing hair loss and improving growth. For the scalp, this oil prevents dryness and itching. Excellent source of vitamin E. It gives a healthy color and silkiness.
  • Coconut oil perfectly moisturizes both hair and scalp.
  • Honey contains a large number of useful substances, helps to restore damaged hair.
  • Aloe vera tones and heals the scalp. Helps fight bacteria and fungi.

It is recommended to apply a cream mask to protect the hair after dyeing, and when you are in the sun, nature, in the sea or even a pool.

The main natural ingredients

Main operating components:

  • almond oil;
  • Coconut oil;
  • honey;
  • aloe vera.

Mode of application

Can be used before washing and after!

  • Before washing: apply evenly a small amount of cream on even dry hair. After 15 minutes, wash off.
  • After washing: Apply the cream on almost dry or dried hair and do not wash it off. You can leave for the night. After it is desirable to wash it off with shampoo, so that there is no oily hair effect


Ingredients: Soft water, RBD Coconut Oil, coconut oil, argasal 80, Propylene Glycol, Parfum (otudshka), triethanolamine, Sweet Almond Oil (sweet almond oil), d-Panthenol (d-panthenol), Disodium EDTA, Honey Extract (honey extract), Milk Protein (Lacto Pro) (Milk protein), Aloe Vera Powder (Aloe Vera Powder), CI 19140.

How to store

At a temperature of + 5-25 C.

How to buy

You can make a purchase using the online shopping cart in our online store Al-Saha, specifying the necessary data to send the order.

You can also buy this hair cream by contacting us at the phone numbers listed on the website.

Let’s say no to dry hair!


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