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El Hawag Ginseng Root Oil From Egypt

What is the price of chewed oil in Kiev?

  • The cost of ginseng root oil in 125 ml – 450 hryvnia.
  • The price for 500 ml – 1540 hryvnia.
  • The price for 500 ml at a discount – 999 hryvnia.

Features of El Hawag Ginseng Root Oil

  • Volumes: 125 ml, 500 ml.
  • Manufacturer: El Hawag.
  • Country: Egypt.
  • City: Cairo.
  • Packaging: plastic bottle.
  • Type: fatty, healthy therapeutic, food.
  • Ways of application: for internal and external use (from hair loss, for hair growth and nutrition).
  • English name: El Hawag Ginseng Root Oil.
  • Pharmacological status: No drug.

Ginseng oil description: properties, application, use, how to buy

Useful properties of ginseng oil:

  • has properties as a remedy for sexual impotence;
  • Is used against hair loss, to nourish and strengthen them;
  • Suitable for baldness;
  • normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • is an all-natural remedy, safe for health and at the same time has no side effects, unlike many synthetic drugs;
  • Fills the body with vivacity and energy;
  • allows a man to acquire the necessary tone, become more confident, and feel the growing strength and desire;
  • the result comes after the course of taking at 6 weeks at 4-10 drops of oil (one coffee spoon) in the morning and evening with warm water;
  • stimulates the endocrine system;
  • Reduces blood sugar;
  • Activates metabolism;
  • Helps faster fat cell breakdown;
  • has a long-term effect.

About ginseng: use and properties

Ginseng has great properties of influence on the human body, and has long been used by oriental healers and healers as a remedy for sexual impotence. In literal translation from Chinese, the word “ginseng” means “root man” (eugene is a man, shen is a root). This name was given for striking similarity of ginseng root with human figure.

Recipes for natural ginseng oil

Recipes for the preparation of the drug through the use of ginseng, for a long time kept secret. Tibetans and Chinese have used ginseng for millennia to support the withering human body. Sexual impotence did lead to early aging and psychological abnormalities that were difficult to treat. The trembling attitude to the painful topic, causes in men certain complexes, the development of which can lead simply to catastrophic consequences. There is nothing easier than using a natural remedy, which, unlike many synthetic drugs, has no side effects. Natural ginseng oil allows a man to acquire the necessary tone, become more confident, as well as feel the growing strength and desire …

Drugs used to increase potency have a temporary effect, and their actions may not always go unnoticed by the body. Synthetic tools of our modern age are primarily aimed at bringing back sexual activity and only. Using natural ginseng oil, you will be able to rejuvenate your entire body, get a boost of energy and increase the tone, respectively, you will initially eliminate the cause of sexual impotence. Ginseng oil has truly magical properties, soon after the start of the process you will feel an improvement in your well-being, be surprised, cheerful and energy that will fill your body.

This oil is very rich in useful substances in its composition, due to which is great for increasing immunity.

Ways to use ginseng oil

For internal use:

  • The course of ginseng is 6 weeks at 0.5 teaspoons of oil in the morning and evening with warm water.
  • With big problems, it is allowed to use 1 teaspoon once a day before meals.
  • After that, sexual impotence can be forgotten forever!

For outdoor use:


Ginseng oil is not recommended in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Nursing mothers;
  • Children under the age of 12;
  • infectious diseases worsen.


  • Before and after opening, store the ginseng oil in a dark place at room temperature of up to 25 degrees.
  • It’s possible to keep it in the fridge.
  • Close the lid tightly after each application.

Expiration date

  • Makes 2 years or 24 months from the date of production.
  • The production date is set by the manufacturer on the bottle.

Where and how to buy

  • To buy the renmin anything natural oil in Ukraine, contact our online store Al-Saha.
  • We have delivery to all the cities of Ukraine and the territory of Kiev.
  • Prices in our store are the most profitable and optimal. The cost in Egypt itself, especially in resort towns, is much higher than ours.
  • Order online and buy ginseng oil today you can at the best prices with convenient delivery.
  • International shipping of goods around the world has been developed for residents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Romania and other countries. You can read the terms of the purchase onhawag-store.com/ginseng-seed-oi

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