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Only 1 left in stock

Buy El Hawag Coconut Oil from Egypt

How much does Egyptian coconut oil cost?

  • Price in Ukraine for 500 ml – 630 hryvnia.
  • Price in Ukraine for 125 ml – 210 hryvnia.
  • Prices are not specified without the cost of delivery.


  • Manufacturer: El Hawag Oil Factory.
  • Method of receiving: cold press or cold pressing.
  • Number of push-ups: first press.
  • Refining type: unrefined coconut oil.
  • Country of spill, packaging and production: Egypt.
  • Ingredients: 100% coconut oil.
  • Colour: light.
  • Coconut oil: 500 ml, 125 ml.
  • Prices: 210-620 UAH.
  • Tara: a bottle of safe food plastic.
  • Expiration date: 2 years.
  • Supplier to Ukraine from Egypt: FOP Zvorsky M.S.
  • Oil type: unrefined, oily, for external use: for hair, body, hands and face, legs, from stretch marks.

Description of coconut oil

Useful properties of coconut oil:

  • it is famous for its nutritional, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • helps with burns, cracks, fla comics and dry skin, cleanses the skin well;
  • Useful coconut oil for hair and for skin heads;
  • will reduce the risk of heart and cancer, atherosclerosis, degenerative processes;
  • Useful for the immune system;
  • contains no cholesterol, contains a lot of vitamin E.

On the benefits of using coconut oil

There is a lot to talk about the benefits of coconut oil for the skin and human body.

  • Natural coconut oil is famous for its nutritious, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps very well with burns, cracks, peeling and dry skin. In addition, coconut oil cleanses the skin well. And this is not the whole list for which it is necessary to buy real coconut oil.
  • Due to its qualities, this oil is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics. The oil has a very pleasant smell and taste. Equally useful is coconut oil for hair and scalp. Thanks to coconut oil, during hair washing reduces the loss of protein.
  • Coconut oil differs from other vegetable essential oils in that it is very well and quickly absorbed into the skin, making it unusually soft, like pure velvet. Having a high biological activity, it forms a thin protective film on the skin.
  • Coconut oil softens, moisturizes, protects and smooths the skin. Thus, if you want to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment, boldly take this oil. And it is suitable for any skin.
  • Also, coconut oil is used for cooking, because it is extremely useful. It turns out very tasty dishes. This oil does not contain cholesterol, it contains a lot of vitamin E. Thus, this vegetable oil is much more useful than ordinary creamy.
  • Natural coconut oil has a very interesting property: it begins to be absorbed from the first spoon immediately in the mouth. If it is regularly consumed, the risk of heart and cancer, atherosclerosis, degenerative processes will be reduced. Coconut oil is also useful for the immune system. It is also widely used to reduce stress.
  • Eating this oil, you do not need to worry that you will gain weight, because it is not deposited in fat. Also, this oil has a distinctive feature – it freezes even at a plus temperature, it is enough to put it under the fan.

How to use coconut oil

There are ways to use coconut oil:

  • Taking off your make-up

Application for makeup removal:

The magazine “JustLady” advises to try coconut oil to remove eye makeup – it is ideal for this. Just note that only refined oil is recommended for the skin in its pure form. If the oil is unrefined, then add to the face masks no more than 10% oil, for the body – no more than 30%.

  • Healing wounds

Application for wound healing:

When applied to affected places, coconut oil forms a layer that protects against external dust, air, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Coconut oil effectively treats bruising as it speeds up the healing process of damaged tissues.

  • For hair

Application of coconut oil for hair:

  • Equally useful is coconut oil for hair and scalp. Thanks to coconut oil, during hair washing reduces the loss of protein. You can apply oil both before and after washing. Coconut oil is evenly distributed over the hair, enveloping and protecting it.
  • This oil perfectly softens and moisturizes the hair, and the scalp soothes. Regular head massage with coconut oil frees from dandruff, lice and nits, as well as restores damaged hair, providing them with the necessary proteins.
  • In addition, oil nourishes well, strengthens the roots of hair, so that they begin to grow faster.
  • Good helps oil and split hair. It is especially useful to apply coconut oil on the tips of the hair and leave overnight – the effect will be remarkable. After the regular use of this oil, the structure of the hair will improve markedly – they will become smooth, strong and shiny.
  • From stress

Applied to mitigate stress:

  • Coconut oil acts soothingly and therefore helps relieve stress.
  • The imposition of coconut oil on the scalp, accompanied by a light massage, eliminates mental fatigue.


  • Ingredients: 100% coconut oil.
  • No GMOs.


Storage conditions:

  • Coconut oil should be stored in dry;
  • It is necessarily protected from light place;
  • At a temperature not higher than 25C;
  • the shelf life is 2 years or 24 months from the date of production specified on the bottle.

How to buy coconut oil?

Buy this real Egyptian coconut oil can be in volumes of 125 ml and 500 ml. To order, use the online website of the al-Saha store: add coconut oil to the basket button Buy or make a quick order in one Click. You can also order goods by phone.

How to pay

Payment for coconut oil in Ukraine is available as an imposed payment from the New Post with payment on receipt, and full prepaid order. You can use Liqpay for prepayment with the option of online payment from any card or Privat24. Prepaid to the card or checking account is also available. Payment orders in another currency with worldwide delivery are available from Paypal.

On delivery

To any point in Ukraine deliver orders by the New Mail, Ukrposta (only with prepayment of the order). We advise you to buy quality coconut oil unrefined from distant Egypt from the Arab masters of the el Hawag factory only here.

We always have original coconut oil from the manufacturer!

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