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Colocynth ointment with black cumin seed El Captain

  • 100 original El Captain Colocynth ointment.
  • Direct deliveries from Egypt.
  • Completely natural and effective.
  • Free shipping at order from 1500 UAH.

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Buy Colocynth Ointment El Captain from Egypt – 50ml

How much does it cost?

  • Price: 220 UAH.
  • Shipping cost to Kiev and Ukraine: check with the manager.


  • Name: Colocynth ointment with black cumin El Captain.
  • Other names: El Capitan Colocynth ointment
  • Volume: 50 ml.
  • Price: 220 hryvnia.
  • Full name: Colocynth Ointment for joint & muscles pain “El Captain”.
  • Manufacturer: Egypt (Egyptian Arab Republic).
  • City of manufacturing and packaging: City of Cairo.
  • Manufacturer: El Captain.
  • Packaging: a jar of plastic in a cardboard box.
  • Series: ointments.
  • Type: for joints, from muscle, lower back, cervical and vertebral injuries.
  • Pharmacological status: not to eat a drug, released without a prescription.
  • Application: for joints, for lower back pain, knees, cervical, hands, muscle pain, sprains, after bruises, dislocations, fractures.
  • Only for outdoor use!

The analogues are replaced by:


Egyptian ointment for joint pain: description, composition, benefits

Colocynth ointment isan external remedy used from joint pain, muscle spasms, sciatica, swelling. The Colocynth ointment is a popular product of the El Captain plant (Egypt) due to its efficiency. The ointment is created on the basis of natural extracts of several medicinal herbs and fruits.

The use of Colocynth ointment for joints is based on the action of its constituent components, this is:

  • Colocynth;
  • Black cumin;
  • eucalyptus extract;
  • Gautteria;
  • mint extract;
  • Fennel extract;
  • Eugenol;
  • other ingredients of natural origin.

Colocynth is a herbaceous plant from the pumpkin family. For medical purposes it is used in the form of broth, infusion, ointment, tea, alcohol tincture. The Colocynth cream relieves inflammation, returns mobility to the joints. Black cumin is useful for rheumatism, spasms, swelling. Cumin, Colocynth and other quality ointment ingredients make it an effective and fast-acting agent for sprains, bruises, inflammations and injuries.

The use of Colocynth ointment is shown when:

  • rheumatic or joint pain (back, knees, shoulders, etc.);
  • inflammation of the joints and sciatic nerve;
  • Gout;
  • muscle spasms;
  • tendon pain;
  • Swelling;
  • active sports as a useful ointment for massages.

El Captain’s philosophy is to produce natural and useful products based on time-tested folk recipes. Egyptian traditions of healing provide modern manufacturers with a variety of recipes, which to this day help in the treatment of a variety of ailments, support the natural feminine beauty, bring joy from the use of useful natural gifts.

A good ointment with a plant composition is always preferable to the artificial, chemical ingredients – this purchase fully justifies itself. To buy ointment as budget as possible, it is best to buy online from a reliable supplier of goods El Captain.

How to use ointment with black cumin and Colocynth from El Captain

  • When applied, the oil temperature should be close to the body temperature. Therefore, it is recommended not to store the ointment in the refrigerator, and before use a little hold the tube in your hands and, if necessary, even lightly heat the ointment in the palms.
  • How to use on inflamed areas to relieve pain: massaging circular motions cream rub twice a day. If bruised or stretched ointment can be alternated with oil (black cumin is ideal), and used immediately after a relaxing bath.

The black cumin ointment can be used with a course lasting 2-4 weeks. Then take a break for at least 2 weeks, after that you can repeat the course treatment.


  • Ingredients: ground dry Colocynth, zetilsteril alcohol, vaseline,sodium laurylsulfate, water.

Storage, expiration date

  • Store at temperatures from 1 to 25 degrees Celsius above zero.
  • The expiration date is 3 years from the date specified on the package.

Colocynth Ointment: rates, how to buy, online sale

Buy El Captain Colocynth ointment is most profitable in the online store Al-Saha. The cost of the original Colocynthis El Captain ointment in Al Saha is very affordable. Especially considering the fact that our ointment is 100 real, delivered directly from Egypt. Its effect will be effective, unlike the fake creams that flood the market. Therefore, to buy in Kiev a really high-quality cane of Colocynth, please only contact a reliable supplier providing quality assurance. Al-Saha is a time-tested seller of exclusive oriental goods, trusted by numerous Ukrainian and foreign buyers.

  • Al-Saha has the option to buy shampoo, ointment, tooth stale, oils, medicinal herbs, spices and more both online (on the site, in chat, in our groups in VK or FB, in Skype, in any other convenient way), and by phone (contact numbers – 099 180 18 21 or 068 435 95 96).
  • You can show courier delivery. In Ukraine delivers the service New Mail, there is also an international delivery for our foreign customers.
  • In addition to the pleasant price, Al-Saha gives the opportunity to read the relevant reviews on all products, if you want you can leave a review or ask a question.

Get rid of joint and muscle pain!

Don’t forget to buy a Colocynth ointment at a great price!

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