Black Seed Oil Capsules Tasnim


  • 100% original oil in capsules of Ethiopian seeds.
  • Direct deliveries from Austria.
  • Made according to EU standards!
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Black Seed Oil Capsules Tasnim from Austria

Price: 330 UAH.

Number of capsules: 80 pieces.

Oil weight: 48 grams.

Full name: Black Seed Oil Capsules.

Type of capsules: gelatinous.

Manufacturing country: Austria.

City: Vienna.

Manufacturer: Tasnim.

Type of oil: black cumin oil from Ethiopian seeds.

Spin type: first spin.

For internal use.


Al-Saha online store sells Tasnim black cumin oils from Austria. Austrian oil has established itself as one of the highest quality – made by first extraction from black cumin seeds from Ethiopia. In addition, cumin oil is packaged in gelatin capsules made from fish oil, which allows them to be used in keeping with the Halal tradition and vegetarians.

Tasnim Black Seed Capsules is a convenient format. Cumin in Tasnim capsules can be taken with you on trips, business trips, to the office, to study, and continue the course of treatment in any circumstances.

The first cold-pressed oil of Tasnim is made in accordance with the high standards of the European Union; modern equipment and technologies are used to extract, pack and deliver to you in a convenient form all that is useful in black cumin and its oil.
Why black cumin oil is so popular

Cumin black (you can find such names as Kalindzhi, Chernushka sowing campaign, Seidan, sedan, nigella, Roman coriander) is a product extremely popular in Arab cultures. The benefits of black cumin are even mentioned in the Quran.

The healing properties of fatty oil from black cumin seeds are confirmed not only by centuries-old traditions of its use, but also by modern research.

Natural black seed oil capsules Tasnim contains:

  • various fatty acids;
  • fish gelatin;
  • vitamins E and A, important for female beauty, as well as the most beneficial B and C;
  • many trace elements;
  • amino acids;
  • and other components that support our body during treatment and contribute to the prevention of many diseases.

Black cumin seeds in Tasnim capsules contain maximum beneficial properties due to high-tech production and special cleaning technology used in the Austrian factory. And, of course, the best raw materials are taken – Ethiopian cumin seeds, valued more than any other. It is from them that the best and healthiest oil is obtained.

To get cumin oil, European experts use cold extraction. Then he is allowed to settle (filtering is not used!), And packaged in fish gelatin capsules, which are easily digested and rich in fish oil.

The product is manufactured in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 22000: 2005.

Benefits of Black Cumin Oil in Tasnim Capsules

It is possible to buy Tasnim black cumin oil, both in the usual liquid form and in prepackaged capsules. The composition of black cumin oil in capsules does not differ from the product poured into jars, but several advantages of this particular product can be distinguished:

1. Ease of use. Capsules can be taken with you and taken in all situations. And even using capsules at home, you do not spend time trying to measure the required amount of money and are always confident in the accuracy of the dosage – this has already been taken care of in production.

2. An additional bonus in the form of a useful shell. The effect of treatment with black cumin oil is enhanced by a capsule made of fish gelatin, rich in fish oil and vitamin E. These substances are especially necessary for a good appearance – their beneficial properties make the skin and hair more radiant, elastic and healthy.

3. European quality. Used seeds of black cumin from Ethiopia – the best raw materials from all existing in the market. In addition, you will be assured of strict adherence to the process, all norms and requirements. If we consider this product as an analogue of Barak black cumin capsules, the price of black cumin oil in Tasnim capsules will be higher due to the fact that manufacturers differ. The Austrian plant works with the euro – its rate directly affects the cost.
The therapeutic effect of this seed oil

The centuries-old use of this unique plant has allowed us to identify and classify everything about black cumin oil and its effectiveness in various diseases.

It is well known that the use of oil:

  • normalizes pressure;
  • reduces blood sugar;
  • helps in the treatment of liver diseases;
  • normalizes the gastrointestinal tract;
  • restores and strengthens the potency;
  • helps with problems of the genitourinary system, kidney, gall;
  • effectively “removes” from colds, restores the body after operations, fractures, strokes;
  • slows the development of tumors;
  • It is an effective preventive and immunostimulating agent.

How to take black cumin capsules

Adults – two capsules three times a day. Take with food.

Children (up to 12 years) – one capsule three times a day with meals.

The recommended course of treatment is 45 days.

It is best to store the capsules in the original box in a cool and dry place, where there is no access to the sun’s rays. It is not necessary to shift them into one container – the capsules can stick together among themselves.

Expiration date – 2 years from the date of production. Considering the fact that the drug is brought to Ukraine from afar, it is best to buy black cumin oil in capsules from a supplier who works directly with the manufacturer. Thus, you will be assured that the goods have spent the minimum amount of time on the way and in transshipment warehouses. The online online store Al-Sakha offers its customers such freshness and proper storage conditions for products.


Children under three years of age, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, the drug should not be taken. Any use of cumin oil is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to the components, as well as those who have artificial implants or organ transplants.

All about cumin: prices, purchase, reviews about oil

Order the original cumin oil can be in the online store Al-Saha. It is here that you will find the best prices, a complete description of each product, the ability to arrange delivery to order and even leave your feedback on the products.

The price of black cumin oil in capsules Tasnim – 330 UAH for a package of 80 capsules. The cost may be revised due to changes in the euro.

In Al-Saha (Kiev) you get:

  • reasonable price due to our direct contracts with manufacturers from different countries;
  • the opportunity to buy, exclusive Arab, Asian and European goods that are not on sale;
  • comfortable making a purchase (we accept orders through the site, online chat, by calling 099 180 18 21 or 068 435 95 96, through groups on Facebook social networks, and even via Viber).

The popular Austrian Tasnim brand cumin capsules can be quickly and conveniently purchased from the Al-Saha store.

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