Black Seed Cumin Oil "Royal"  El Hawag Egypt
Black Seed Cumin Oil "Royal"  El Hawag Egypt
Black Seed Cumin Oil "Royal"  El Hawag Egypt
Black Seed Cumin Oil "Royal"  El Hawag Egypt 250 ml
Black Seed Cumin Oil "Royal"  El Hawag Egypt 250 ml


Black Seed Cumin Oil “Royal”


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Buy Black Cumin Oil “Royal” – 125, 250, 500 ml

Brief description of the useful properties of cumin oil:

  • is a unique tool for general strengthening of the body;
  • powerful natural immunomodulator;
  • effective means to improve metabolism;
  • normalizes blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels;
  • has anti-inflammatory, tonic, anti-fungal effects;
  • stops hair loss, makes them soft and shiny.


The following quotations for royal cumin oil apply:

  • Price for 500 ml – 30$.
  • Price for 250 ml – 22$.
  • Price for 125 ml – 10$.

How to buy?

In Ukraine.

How to buy black cumin oil Royal in Ukraine?

Buy in Kiev, Ukraine black cumin oil which Royal price will be perfectly acceptable – the best in the online store Al-Sakha. We are official partners of the Egyptian company El Hawaj and cooperate directly with the producers of cumin oil. Therefore, the conditions of purchase and prices for royal black cumin oil, we have, perhaps, the most optimal in Ukraine.

In other countries.


In Ukraine.

There is a convenient delivery by New Mail throughout the territory of Ukraine: from Kiev and Kharkov, to the Dnieper and Odessa, Lviv and Zaporozhye. We send orders as cash on delivery, and on an advance payment.

Also for residents of USA, Canada, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Poland and any other countries there is an international delivery of orders. For payment using the American online payment system.

In our online store Al Saha healing oils you can buy black cumin oil from Egypt from the manufacturer El Hawag at a good price.

Black Cumin Oil Royal production El Hawag – the most popular in Ukraine, other countries of the former USSR and throughout Eastern Europe, oil made from the seeds of black cumin.

If we compare the Royal Oil and another popular brand of caraway oil – the Messengers’ Speech (Ethiopian), we find some similarities. But Royal tastes softer, so sales of black cumin oil Royal are consistently high not only in Europe but also in Southeast Asia (for example, in South Korea), even in the United States. There, the product Black Seed Oil or Black Cumin Oil has long been well tasted, which in English means nothing but black cumin oil. Its healing qualities have been confirmed many times over.

Royal black seed oil production

Black Cumin Oil Royal is made by cold pressing of seeds at the world famous Al Khawaj enterprise, which is located in Egypt.

First, oil-bearing black cumin seeds are cleaned in a special way. From them separators remove all unnecessary impurities and inclusions. The raw materials are black cumin seeds from Ethiopia, Syrian cumin seeds – they are combined in a special proportion. That is, the production of black cumin oil Royal will have its own technological nuances, which distinguishes it from other brands of caraway oil.

After separation, the seeds of black cumin are sent to the press, where the oil of the first cold pressing is gently and gently extracted from them under pressure. It is worth noting that Royal Oil Cumin Seeds is unfiltered, i.e. it does not undergo further refining and sterilization. That is, the beneficial properties of cumin oil are perfectly preserved. The unrefined product has a flawlessly balanced composition.

Then black Royal Cumin oil, which is also known as Nigella Sativa Oil, is sent to the packaging department, where it is poured into different containers – plastic bottles of 125 ml, 500 ml, 250 ml. Then packaged and shipped to customers worldwide. Branded bottle of Seidan (cumin) oil is packed in a thermofilm, protected and has control of the first opening. El Hawaj will often improve the bottle and the label, so there is no single sample appearance.
Shelf life

The shelf life of black cumin oil Royal is 2 years from the date of production.


Natural black seed cumin oil from Egypt is fully certified by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Station of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Egypt. The product has international certificates ISO 22000-2005 and ISO 9001-2008.


Ingredients: 100% natural oil from black cumin seeds of various subspecies, including Syrian, Saudi and Ethiopian cumin seeds.


How to store black cumin oil Royal?

The basic rules for storing cumin oil include:

  • lack of sunlight;
  • temperature regime not higher than +25;
  • lack of high humidity;
  • the container with royal oil must be closed.

That is, you can store, for example, in the refrigerator, cellar or in the home pantry (if the house is not hot).

How to distinguish a fake

Because of their popularity, black cumin oil is often fake.

The original product has the inscription El Hawag, extruded on the bottle. Which, in turn, is placed in a branded thermofilm with a hologram. On the main and reverse surfaces of the tank should be information about the manufacturer of oil from seeds of cumin.

The bottle is made of dark food plastic. In it, the real oil of black cumin Royal retains its exceptional composition and structure, and therefore all its beneficial properties. The material from which the container is made does not react with the oil.

To guarantee to buy real Royal Cumin oil from the manufacturer – place orders only from trusted suppliers who work directly with manufacturers. For example, the online Al Saha online store has been working with the El Hawaj plant for 10 years. The shop sells oils only from manufacturers.

History of cumin oil

Black cumin due to its properties is known and popular in the world for a long time. Therefore, I managed to get a number of different names – Chernushka, Cumin, Kalindzhi, Shabrei, Zira / Gira, and even Roman Coriander.

Historians and archaeologists have found that the use of black cumin oil has more than 3 thousand years, and the geography of using oil Kalindzhi (cumin) covers the Middle East Asia, northern Africa, the whole Mediterranean.

On the miraculous characteristics of black cumin oil wrote a cult Hippocrates and one of the founders of pharmacology Dioscorides, who lived in Greece in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used black oil of caraway and as a natural cosmetic, as well as a healing tool. It is known to use dark oil of cumin as an antidote ingredient, which was used after snake bites. Also, Egyptian, Greek and Phoenician doctors cumin oil healed the diseases of the liver and kidneys and prescribed as anthelmintic.

Black cumin and oil for thousands of years in the East is added to food to enhance digestion.

Seidan (cumin), the prophet Muhammad called the remedy for all ailments, except death. And Avicenna, the founder of medicine, was convinced that black cumin is not just a medicine, but also a means of enhancing the “power of life”, relieving fatigue and the effects of fatigue.

Royal cumin oil has long been fruitfully used by experts in Indian medicine – Ayurveda.

Crude cumin oil is a natural source of fatty acids, both saturated and unsaturated. And amino acids – from 15 varieties, half of which have no analogues and substitutes for the body. Arginine, which is extremely necessary for the heart system, is also present in the composition.

Among the fatty acid elements of black cumin oil, we observe the following:

  • polyunsaturated Omega 6 — almost 60%;
  • monounsaturated omega 9 23-24%;
  • palmitic acid — up to 15%;
  • stearic to-that to 3%;
  • arahinous – about 1%;
  • myristic, linolenic (Omega 3), palmitoleic – all together up to 1%.

Omega 6 and 9 in black cumin oil Royal are very good for a number of human life support systems – “heart-vessels”, “stomach-intestines”, “brain-nerves”. They have a positive effect on hormonal balance and stabilization of lipid metabolism.

In addition, increase the body’s immune abilities and cleanse it from harmful substances.

The vitamin series in black royal oil is most represented by group B. There are vitamins C, D, E and carotenoids (the substances from which A-vitamin is synthesized).

Vitamin E is very important in the composition of caraway oil – along with unsaturated fatty acids, this element has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates immunity enhancement, balances the composition of moisture in the skin, strengthens blood vessels.

And this vitamin is a strong natural antioxidant and benefits the system of muscles, helping them to become stronger and stronger.

The carotenoids contained in Seidan oil make it a powerful wound healing agent. The scheme is simple – vitamin A is synthesized from carotenoids, which helps cells regenerate, restoring the affected areas of the skin or mucous membranes. In addition, vitamin A stabilizes glucose in the circulatory system and is actively involved in the creation of bone tissue and tooth enamel.

Phytosterols are extremely necessary for the human body for hormone production, for the synthesis of provitamin D and certain acids, called bile. Phytosterols keep the immune system in good shape and suppress inflammation. And yet – reduce the performance of sugar and cholesterol.

Macro – and microelement group in black cumin oil Royal is very heterogeneous and includes K, Na, P, Ca, Mn, Fe, Cu, Ni, a group of phytosterols (B-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol, etc.), flavonoids, spectrum tannins, saccharides (poly- and mono-, including glucose and xylose, etc.).

In addition to these, the royal and Ethiopian black cumin oil includes substances-alkaloids, enzymes, saponins (including triterpenes).

Scopes of oil Royal


Black Cumin Seed Oil Royal is extremely rich in beneficial substances for the body – from vitamins and minerals to natural “antibiotics” and natural immune system stimulants.

The spectrum of action of the black royal is very wide:

  • bactericidal and antiparasitic: a powerful antiseptic, kills harmful bacteria and infections in the body, well fights so-called. “Fungus”;
  • anti-inflammatory inhibits the effect of viruses in the early stages;
  • antispasmodic: stabilizes the activity of a whole range of the vital activity system;
  • diuretic and choleretic;
  • painkiller: relieves pain, also fights stress and fatigue.
  • general strengthening of immunity in adults and children;

Due to these properties, black cumin oil treatment has a huge range of applications:

  • with various colds and flu, helps against cough – is used in inhalation;
  • with bronchitis and other problems with the respiratory system, with sinus;
  • promotes the resorption of tumors. In Ayurveda Kalindzhi (as they call black cumin in India) is considered the most potent anti-cancer agent;
  • Black cumin oil treatment is used for various skin diseases, in particular, for psoriasis. External remedy with skin problems of infectious or allergic nature;
  • with sclerosis;
  • in the treatment of renal diseases. The active substances that make up the oil of black cumin Royal, can destroy and remove kidney stones. They also have a beneficial effect on the function of the bladder and the entire urogenital system;
  • caraway seed oil black royal and successfully treated for hemorrhoids (used externally);
  • proven for millennia anthelmintic, relieves the stomach and intestines from parasites. Also, black cumin seed oil, due to its bactericidal action, effectively fights harmful microorganisms.
  • stabilizes pressure – it is used for dystonia, hypodynamia, etc;
  • has healing properties to enhance women’s health – helps stabilize the menstrual cycle, increases lactation for nursing mothers;
  • very good remedy for diabetes: helps to reduce sugar levels;
  • recommend for weight loss – the use of caraway oil, among other things, leads to a decrease in the level of cholesterol;

How to apply black cumin oil Royal

Even for a healthy person, the use of black cumin oil Royal will be very useful for the body – and for prevention, and to improve immunity.

The tested way of application of caraway oil:

1st week – a teaspoon of black cumin oil stir in a glass of water. Eat before breakfast.

The 2nd week we also do before dinner;

3rd week – two drops of oil and two glasses of water before breakfast;

4th week – similarly from the 1st.

Cosmetological application

The bactericidal and wound-healing effect of black cumin oil along with its ability to healingly affect the skin has long been used in cosmetology.

Royal Black Seed Oil – an excellent tool for the skin, and especially for the face. He is often included in the composition of a cosmet. remedies for wrinkles and acne, it is recommended to use for problem skin.

It is also good for hair. The secret of lush and healthy hair of oriental women is the use of black cumin seed oil.

Facial care

For skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis, allergic manifestations, acne and r.), It is recommended to lubricate the affected areas of the skin with a thin layer of black Royal Cumin oil. Also, to enhance the effect, it is recommended to mix it in equal parts with flax / sesame / cedar oil.

If the skin is excessively oily, then it is recommended to use special masks of two types of oils: grape seed (1 table spoon) and black cumin (1 hour spoon). Apply on the face and wash off after 45 minutes.

Another recipe for oily skin: take ½ a table of a spoon of clay (white, green or blue), dilute it in cool water so that there are no lumps. Add 1 teaspoonful of black cumin oil royal, stir, apply to the skin. After 15 minutes, wash off. The procedure is performed twice a week.

Hair care

How to apply Cumin oil Royal?

When caring for hair, black royal cumin oil is best added to base oils.

It is best to apply in the form of masks or apply in small doses on the hair.

One of the good old recipes:

  • mix 1 tablespoon of burdock oil, black cumin oil Royal and castor;
  • add a drop of lemon oil;
  • heat, add 2 egg yolks, mix, apply to hair;
  • wash off after 30 minutes with warm water.

For dandruff and fatty oils, we use a mixture of black cumin and burdock oil, heat it and add three drops of tea tree oil, which will give the agent antifungal and bactericidal properties. Rub five minutes into the hair, wash off after 45 minutes.


If you have individual pathologies, then before applying the black cumin oil Royal, consult your doctor.

The use of caraway seed oil is not recommended for pregnant women as well as for people with gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases in the period of exacerbation

The presence of implanted organs is also a contraindication.

Reviews of black cumin oil Royal

Reviews of black cumin oil Royal overwhelmingly the most positive. Egyptian oil from the manufacturer Al Hawadzh in Kiev and Ukraine is very popular because of its availability and quality.

After you order the oil in black cumin Royal with us – you will see this.

So do not forget to leave a review – we will be very grateful!


125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml


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