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Sanct-Bernhard Organic Black Seed Oil:

  • 100 original bio cumin oil.
  • Made from Egyptian seeds in Germany.
  • First, cold wringing!
  • Always fresh.
  • In a glass bottle.

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Sanct-Bernhard Organic Black Seed Oil

100% Black cumin oil from the Egyptian seeds of the first cold press from the German manufacturer.

How much?

  • The price of organic cumin oil is 250 ml without discount – 620 UAH.
  • The price of Organic Black Cumin Oil 100 ml without discount – 310 UAH.


  • Method of receiving: cold pressing or cold press.
  • Original name: Organic Black Cumin Oil Sanct-Bernhard.
  • Manufacturer: Sanct-Bernhard.
  • Country of production and spill: Germany.
  • Type of black cumin seeds: black cumin seeds are used from Egypt.
  • Colour: relatively light.
  • Taste: has a somewhat sharp, specific, tart taste, softer from Ethiopian oil.
  • Volumes: 100 ml, 250 ml.
  • Prices: 310-620 UAH.
  • Tara:glass bottle.
  • Expiration date: 2 years from the date of oil production.
  • Pharmacological status: is not a drug.
  • Oil type: unrefined, edible, fatty, seed, therapeutic.
  • Feature: organic.

Description: cumin oil from Egyptian seeds

Excellent really organic black cumin oil from the egyptian nigella sativa seeds from the German manufacturer Organic Black Cumin Oil Sanct-Bernhard is now in Ukraine. Received by pressing without first frying. Only the best organic black cumin seeds from Egypt are used for production. Not refined and suitable for both internal and external uses.

The oil is not as bitter and sharp as the oils from Ethiopian seeds. It is relatively mild and very beneficial for human health.

How to apply

Drink organic black cumin oil Organic Cumin Oil Sanct-Bernhard costs 1 or 2 teaspoons (that’s about 5-10 ml) per day 1-2 and up to 3 times. Drink necessarily liquid, necessarily not very cold. Take before eating for 10-20 minutes. For example, you can in the morning and in the evening or only in the morning. Admission course – from 1 month or more.

With too long use (more than 3 months) it is better to take breaks or alternate with other oils (sesame, flax, hemp, olive, almond, ginger, lettuce, carrot seeds and others).


Ingredients: 100 oil from black cumin seeds from Egypt.


Do not drink: during pregnancy, in the acute phase of gastritis, ulcers, children under 3 years, in the presence of implanted donor organs, nursing mothers, with individual intolerance of black cumin.


  • Keep be sure to be in a dark place, at temperatures of up to 25 degrees.
  • It is allowed to be stored in the fridge.
  • The expiration date will be 2 years from the date of production.

How to buy German cumin oil

It is now possible to quickly buy Organic Black Cumin Oil Sanct-Bernhard black cumin oil from Egyptian seeds in Kiev and Ukraine. To do this, order online in our online store or contact our manager. Online store Al-Saha will make your purchase convenient!

Delivery to the city of Kiev and the territory of Ukraine from the New Post.

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