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Buy Black Pepper Oil from Egypt

The cost of black pepper edible oil in Ukraine and Kiev:

  • The price for 125 ml – 260 hryvnia.
  • The price for 500 ml – 655 hryvnia.
  • Prices excluding the cost of delivery in Ukraine.


  • Manufacturer: El Hawag.
  • English name: El Hawag Black Pepper Oil.
  • Volume: 125 ml, 500 ml.
  • Country of production, packaging: Egypt.
  • Oil type: fatty, edible, therapeutic.
  • Method of obtaining: the oil is obtained by cold pressing of black pepper seeds.
  • Properties: All use and properties of black pepper.
  • Essential whether: is not ethereal or aromatic
  • Container material: food safe plastic.
  • Delivery to Kiev: New Mail, Myst Express.
  • Delivery in Ukraine: New Mail.

Black pepper oil

Online store Al-Saha presents a novelty – unrefined oil black pepper cold press at the price of 260 UAH for 125 ml. Production – El Hawag, Egypt. Al-Saha is always high-quality and freshest oil of black pepper thanks to established supplies to Ukraine directly from Egypt.

Black pepper and medicinal oil from it

Black pepper is one of the most common and desirable spices in kitchens all over the world. Its use is not limited to professional kitchens, pepper is a mandatory spice in almost every home – all because of its bright, pleasant and familiar from childhood flavor, as well as the ability to enhance and emphasize the natural taste of dishes, add sharpness and piquancy. Black pepper is a shrub native to the Malabar Islands (India). In the original form of its peas green color, they turn black after processing. There is black, green and white pepper, depending on the method of harvesting and the time of harvest. Cooking uses all kinds individually and as a blend, but the palm tree of primacy in terms of consumption, of course, for the traditional black pepper.

Today, the largest exporters of “Malabar berries” are: India, Indonesia and Brazil. Pepper comes in the form of peas, it is rubbed into powder, it is made of oily therapeutic oil. The latter usually has no color, can acquire a light orange tone. Interestingly, the shelf life of black pepper oil is longer than that of many others – it can be used for five years.

Black Pepper Oil: Description and Properties

Black pepper oil:

  • Increases immunity;
  • strengthens the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • helps to get rid of toxins;
  • affects the endocrine system and spleen, so it is often used as a supportive agent in the treatment of these organs;
  • acts relaxing on the muscles, warms them;
  • relieves symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, joint diseases;
  • Used in aromatherapy to give a person self-confidence;
  • struggles with depressive states, hypoxia;
  • Activates mental activity;
  • protects the skin from inflammation, prevents the appearance of dermatitis;
  • helps fight cellulite (they are enriched with oil for anti-cellulite massages);
  • strengthens hair and prevents their loss.

Such a wide range of action – it is in this pepper oil. In Kiev, a really high-quality product can be bought in the online store Al-Saha. Egyptian cold-pressed oil, which we sell, is manufactured at the facilities of el Khawaj, the company famous all over the world for the variety and excellent quality of its oils. The cost of pepper oil in Al-Saha allows easy budget to include it in the daily cosmetic routine, make a useful supplement to nutrition and be treated with it from a variety of ailments.

Black pepper oil is used as an internal and outdoor remedy. Inside it is appointed to strengthen the body’s defenses, get rid of toxins, fight intestinal infections (due to some decontamination effect). In a period of increased risk of colds can not do without the next drink: in 100 ml of juice, rye or clean water dilute five drops of pepper oil and squeeze into this mixture juice of a quarter of a lemon. Pepper oil is especially actively “working” in tandem with vitamin C, so this drink will be an excellent prevention of viral infections. Continued treatment of pepper oil in the “post-cold” period will help to effectively remove all harmful microorganisms and toxins (products of their life). Oil awakens appetite and prevents the appearance of stagnation in the work of digestion, activates the liver and stomach.

Apply pepper oil externally can be as a enrichment of massage oil – such massages perfectly warm up and relieve pain in rheumatism, gout, joint diseases. Oil will help with sprains, muscle pain due to intense training, nerve pinching. Recommended dosage – 8 drops of pepper oil to add to 50 ml of basic massage oil. Aromatherapy with the ethereal oil of black pepper will help to gain self-confidence, effective before responsible events and public performances. Eliminates apathy, indecision, depressive indifference to everything. To achieve the effect in the aromatic pendant is enough to drop just one drop of oil. Fragrance room, count on 3 drops for every 15 square meters.

Application in cosmetology

Pepper oil copes with pustular rashes on the skin and acne, has a protective effect, so it prevents the appearance of all sorts of dermatitis. The product rejuvenates the age-old skin, tightens, does not give signs of withering (wrinkles, loss of elasticity, thinning) to appear ahead of time.

  • As a daily departure, black pepper oil is not suitable! It is used only in courses or as a means of emergency therapy (such as serums or peelings). Apply as follows: oil enrich creams, 5 ml means – 1-2 drops of oil.
  • Anticellulite massage with pepper oil enhances the regeneration processes in the epidermis, helps to accelerate metabolism and, as a result, effectively destroys the subcutaneous fat layer. Such a massage is carried out in a course of 10 procedures lasting up to half an hour each.
  • Possible anticellulite wraps with pepper oil – they can be done no more than 20 wraps per course (up to two hours in the absence of burning and tingling on the skin). Itching, sneezing, strong redness of the skin – indications to the immediate termination of the procedure.
  • The head mask with black pepper oil is a wonderful means for “awakening” hair bulbs, which begin to grow actively after such a warming mask. It can be done up to three times a month – in 50 ml of base oil add 5 drops of pepper. Apply the mask on the scalp, wrap with film or towel, keep for a couple of hours, then thoroughly rinse with shampoo. Thanks to the pepper mask, the hair will become stronger and healthier, their total number will increase.

Contradictions to use

  • Pepper oil is forbidden to be taken orally in diseases and inflammatory processes in the digestive organs.
  • It is used with caution at high pressure – the appointment in this case should be done by the attending physician.
  • It can not be used in pregnancy and during breast-feeding – both inside and externally.
  • Aromatherapy is carried out exclusively with ESSENTIAL oil of black pepper, but is not carried on children under the age of three.
  • The opposite to use is also individual intolerance and allergic reactions to pepper oil.

Black pepper oil: buy in Ukraine online

In Kiev, the most favorable prices for pepper oil provides only online purchase. In addition, pharmacies and retail chains often find counterfeits of sought-after oils – to avoid them, order from a proven seller, who is the official supplier of your favorite brand. In Ukraine, only the Al-Saha store has the right to officially represent El Hawag.

That’s why you’ll find you here:

  • quality assurance – there are all the necessary certificates and contracts with El Hawag;
  • Pleasant prices due to the lack of extra mark-ups and commissions;
  • the ability to order pepper oil in a convenient way (by calling us, adding oil to the basket, writing in an online chat, skype or our group on Facebook or VKontakte);
  • Customer reviews, information about products, their options for treatment and cosmetic purposes – all this right on our website;
  • the opportunity to leave feedback and share useful information with other visitors – we are open to your opinion.

Buy black pepper oil in Kiev has become easier!

  • The order will deliver the service New Mail (in Ukraine) or courier (in Kiev).
  • Don’t miss out on the new product!

Purchase pepper oil easily and quickly at the Al Saha store!

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