Black Cumin Oil "Ethiopian" El Hawag Egypt
Black Cumin Oil "Ethiopian" El Hawag Egypt
Black Cumin Oil "Ethiopian" El Hawag Egypt
Black Cumin Oil "Ethiopian" El Hawag Egypt


Black Seed Cumin Oil “Ethiopian” El Hawag, Egypt


  • 100% original, high-quality cumin oil.
  • Direct shipments from Egypt.
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Black Seed Cumin Oil “Ethiopian” El Hawag, Egypt

Useful properties of caraway oil:

  • excellent for general health promotion;
  • speeds up the metabolic process;
  • natural powerful immunomodulator;
  • helps with hair problems
  • normalizes blood pressure and also lowers blood sugar levels;
  • has therapeutic anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and tonic effects on the body;
  • contains a greater amount of vitamin and unique nutrients.

How much is?

Price of oil “Ethiopian”:

  • 500 ml – 31.22 $.
  • 250 ml – 22.22 $.
  • 125 ml – 11.33 $.

Where can one buy

Irreplaceable for a full ration, useful for children and for adults, cumin oil, made in Egypt, can be conveniently and quickly purchased at the Al-Saha store – the exclusive El Hawag-certified importer in Ukraine.

Prices for all products are more affordable and profitable due to the fact that Al-Saha always cooperates directly with manufacturers. Direct deliveries, besides savings for buyers, also guarantee the freshness of the goods.

How to buy

In Ukraine

Black Cumin Oil Ethiopian can be ordered:

  • directly on the site;
  • on Skype;
  • chatting online;
  • in Al-Saha on Facebook;
  • on mobile (099) 180-18-21, (068) 435-95-96.

Order the amazing oil of Ethiopian right now – waiting for your applications!


In Ukraine.

Al-Saha will deliver your order throughout Ukraine: from Kharkov and Zaporozhye, to Lviv and Odessa, from Kherson and Nikolaev, to Nikolaev and Mariupol. In Kiev, delivery by courier from the New Mail courier is possible – just indicate this when you make a purchase.

International delivery

Also provides for delivery to Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world.

With bulk purchase shipping will be free! Ask your consultant when you order.


All about black oil of cumin “Ethiopian” El Hawag

What it is?

Caraway Oil “Ethiopian” is famous for its unique composition, amazing beneficial properties and a variety of applications (from medicine to cosmetology). The product consists entirely of black cumin seed oil from Ethiopia. Due to the drier Ethiopian seeds, the oil has a greater bitterness and is a more saturated product in comparison with other brands. It is the Ethiopian black cumin oil that has the ability to have a strengthening effect on the immune system.

It is made at the plant of the company El Hawag (Egypt) – a world-famous and proven manufacturer of thousands of customers, who is famous for the good quality of black cumin oil and pleasant prices for its products.

When buying, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the course of taking black cumin oil: for a sample or use as a constituent element (creams, lotions, masks, etc.) a small jar can be sufficient. But when treating with natural black cumin oil, they seek to buy a volume sufficient for a course of treatment.


Online online store Al-Saha offers buyers 100% natural original caraway seed oil. We supply directly (without numerous intermediaries) the oils of the most useful black cumin. The Ethiopian oil from Egypt ensures its freshness and, therefore, the preservation of all its healing properties.

Al Saha in Ukraine is an EXCLUSIVE OFFICIAL importer!

We have all the necessary certificates of quality for El Hawag products and the guarantee of originality of products.

The composition of black cumin oil

One of the most popular brands of black cumin oil in Ukraine – “Ethiopian” – consists entirely of oil made with the first cold squeeze of Ethiopian black cumin seeds.

Due to the fact that the oils of the Egyptian plant have long been in high demand, you should protect yourself from purchasing fake products. The sale of unique oils of black cumin or Ethiopian production of El Hawag is organized in bottles with the logo of the manufacturer, packaged in a special film. This black cumin oil is not released in glass containers.

How to apply

Using black cumin oil as a natural dietary supplement involves taking a teaspoon of the product 1-2 times daily before meals. Preventive reception lasts from a month – then the effect is guaranteed. Children under the age of 14 take half the dosage.

Treatment with original black cumin oil, as well as its use for cosmetic purposes, involves other dosages – they are described below.


Contraindications: do not take during pregnancy, as well as in the presence of transplanted organs or implants. Do not exceed the specified daily intake!


How is it worth storing oil Ethiopian?

Cumin oil storage conditions are common with any other therapeutic unfiltered oils – the bottle should be kept closed in a dark, dry and cool place. The most serious damage to caraway oil can cause sunlight.

Shelf life

The expiration date of Ethiopian seed oil El Hawag is indicated on the back of the bottle next to the date of manufacture. The shelf life is 2 years (24 months) from the date of manufacture of the product.

How to choose

How to choose a real useful oil from the seeds of cumin, what should I look for when buying?

Egyptian oil from the most useful black cumin the Royal is available in Kiev in pharmacies, retail outlets or online store. Unfortunately, the purchase of Ethiopian oil from Egypt is complicated by the large number of fakes on the market. Black cumin and oil from it – an extremely popular and popular product, so you should carefully choose the seller.

You can buy Ethiopian black cumin oil from Egypt and guarantee the purchase of an original product:

  • purchasing Black Seed Oil from a confirmed representative (in Ukraine – Al-Saha store);
  • having ascertained the authenticity of the container (a plastic food container with a hologram on the front side in the form of the factory logo, the manufacturing date and the shelf life are printed on the back side);
  • Paying attention to such details as a cork pasted over with a separate film, the logo of El-Hawag company should be affixed on the most protective film, the name of the plant is indicated both in English and in Russian.

Reviews of oil of our consumers show that it is almost impossible to buy cumin oil in a regular pharmacy in full compliance with all quality requirements. This, genuine oil available only from the official supplier, working directly with manufacturers. In Kiev, Al-Saha sells original products exclusively.


Many say about the brand of Ethiopian black cumin oil, because it is a very popular product with excellent recommendations and reviews.

The strong demand for Nigella Sativa Oil — black cumin seed oil — is due to its beneficial properties. Reviews of those who are accustomed to using Black Cumin Oil as an affordable supplement to nutrition or traditional treatment are constantly confirmed by its exceptional qualities, which were discovered by folk healers many centuries ago.

Our site contains not only the main uses of this product, not only provided instructions for use in common situations, but also there is an opportunity to read customer feedback on the effect they have experienced from Seidan oil. Moreover, you can leave your feedback and share your own impression with us and other buyers.

All about cumin: a detailed description, benefits, methods of application

History of cumin use

Cumin black (it is also called seydan, Kalindzhi, Nigella Sativa) is a widespread oriental spice with a wide range of uses. The history of human use of cumin seeds has more than three thousand years.

The Middle East is recognized as the birthplace of this amazing spice, although today it is grown in the most diverse regions of the world. First, cumin has conquered Asian countries, then appeared in the south of modern Europe and, finally, conquered the African continent. The most high-quality and expensive today recognized seeds of black cumin from Ethiopia.

The plant itself is a thin grass with an umbrella top. For so many years of studying and using cumin, literally every component of this plant has been found. Cumin root is suitable for cooking a variety of sweet dishes, greens are used as an ingredient for salads and hot. Even the inhabitants of our latitudes, which are not too keen on spices, probably tried black cumin – they often sprinkle rye bread on them (cumin perfectly emphasizes sweet-sour notes in dishes). This fragrant spice helps digestion, so it is often added to recipes with cabbage (in Polish bigos, German stew).

They make miracle oil for our state of health and skin from seeds. The best is unrefined, which is made by a method called cold squeezing (or pressing) of black cumin seeds. The ideal raw material is Ethiopian cumin seeds. The Ethiopian Nigella Sativa Oil is made from them cold pressed.


Cumin is rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins (B6, B2, B1, PP), various microelements (selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and others). Moreover, it contains up to 40% of the most beneficial oils for the body (Omega6 and Omega3, carotenoids, flavonoids and tocopherols), up to 1.5% of essential oil, up to 23% of proteins, up to 37% of carbohydrate, from 3 to 14% of ash, up to 6% water and up to 1% timothinone. And in cumin there is some folic acid that is useful to pregnant women.

Black Cumin Seed Oil Ethiopian, has the following beneficial properties:

  • has a tonic and immunomodulatory effects on the body;
  • speeds up the metabolism and is a popular means for digestion (even give babies to get rid of unpleasant colic);
  • reduces the level of sugar, has a supporting effect in diabetes;
  • reduces cholesterol and is effective for losing weight;
  • indispensable for the prevention of colds and hypertension, useful for sinus, cough, bronchitis and flu;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Royal and Ethiopian oils; Speech of the Messengers have antifungal effect;
  • oil is able to normalize stool, also has a slight diuretic effect;
  • promotes the removal of kidney stones;
  • is an antiparasitic agent popular in the East;
  • aligns the cycle, hormones in those periods of a woman’s life when the body is actively rebuilt;
  • there is the effect of stimulating male sexual power;
  • extremely useful for hair – oil gives them softness and smoothness, makes them moisturized, strong and more healthy;
  • able to slow down hair loss, including age-related and caused by hormonal disruption or stress;
  • For face oil is useful because it protects against wrinkles and acne, has anti-age effect;
  • for the skin of the whole body is indispensable for psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

Areas of use

Black Cumin Oil First Extracted Ethiopian is used:

In medicine.

The popularity of cumin oil was reflected in the production of convenient capsules with it, used as dietary supplements (supplement to nutrition). It is used in the treatment of cancer, prostatitis, liver diseases, hemorrhoids.
In cosmetology. Due to the content of numerous beauty elements and fatty acids, oil is actively used to increase skin elasticity, its elasticity (including breast elasticity), rejuvenation and enhance the regeneration processes in the epidermis.
In folk medicine. In ancient Egypt, physicians considered cumin to be a universal medicine. To this day, archaeologists have found containers with caraway oil in Egyptian tombs. The wisdom of the ancients was not lost, caraway continues to be an important component of many popular recipes.

Application Methods

How to take oil: reveal the basic ways of using oil and some recipes.

We have already talked about how to drink black cumin oil for prevention, now we will focus on more focused recipes.


External use: oil compresses help with psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes caused by stress. Treatment can be carried out by simply rubbing the oil into the skin.

For hair

The oil is added to hair masks and shampoos – black cumin has a positive effect on the hair follicles, scalp, “closes” the hair scales, making the hair smooth and shiny. Drip can add oil to the daily cream, just before using it is necessary to test on the elbow bend – if there is an allergy. The oil also cleans contaminated pores well.

With prostate

Externally used for the treatment of prostatitis – daily oil is recommended to lubricate the lower back and scrotum. Rubbed in a circular motion until absorbed. At the same time take the following mixture inside: 1 tsp. Cumin oil mixed with 1 tsp. colors of chamomile and honey; dilute all this with half a glass of warm water, strain from the rosham and take a few spoons a day.

With hemorrhoids

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, a special cream is prepared – 30 grams of cumin seeds are fried in a pan until they are properly burnt. The cooled seeds are ground to the consistency of ash, mixed with 15 grams of cumin oil. The resulting mixture is applied twice a day to the anus. Improvement occurs after a month of daily use.

The most popular motive for internal use is, of course, a general strengthening benefit for the body and an increase in immunity, as well as its use for weight loss. To maintain your health and keep a figure in check, it is enough to take butter at 1. tsp. 2 times a day. Enhance the effect of a teaspoon of honey on a glass of water – wash down the mixture with this mixture.

There is a two-month course aimed specifically at losing weight. The course involves the reception of oil exclusively before meals and the complete exclusion in the first month of carbohydrates (flour, potatoes, cereals, sweets).

Oil must be drunk this way:

  • the first seven days – 1 tsp. oil and 0.25 liters of water in the morning;
  • the next seven days – 1 tsp. oil and 0.25 liters in the morning and evening;
  • the next seven days – 2 tsp. oil and 0.5 liters of water in the morning;
  • the next seven days – 2 tsp. oil and 0.5 liters of water in the morning and evening.

In the second week of the course, fats are cut from the diet (no more than one fifth of the total dietary fat should remain), and the cumin oil is drunk in the same way as in the first month, only without water.

With hypertension

For hypertension, it is useful to take this mixture: combine 100 ml of nigella sativa oil, honey and lemon juice (stored in the cold). Take on an empty stomach in the morning and before meals in the evening one tablespoon.


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