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Antiseptic Sanitizer Sumerian Silver

Antiseptic for 35 UAH

When buying from 200 UAH!

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Antiseptic (disinfectant, sanitizer) Sumerian silver for hands and body

  • Medical antiseptic for hands and body is safer, as his work is based on the antiseptic action of silver and copper ions.
  • It doesn’t contain alcohol!

How much does an antiseptic cost?

  • The price of antiseptic for hands in Kiev and Ukraine will be 50 hryvnia for a capacity of 50 ml when buying a separate product.
  • The discount price is 40 hryvnias.
  • The price when buying with any product in the online store Al-Saha for the amount of more than 200 UAH. This hand disenefctor is offered for only 35 UAH.
  • The cost of delivery in Ukraine and Kiev is not included in the price of the goods.


  • Manufacturer: Magnetto.
  • Country: Ukraine.
  • Type of antiseptic: skin treatment, skin and hand disinfection, surgical disinfection.
  • Volume: 50 ml.
  • Tara: a plastic bottle with a convenient dispenser.
  • Antiseptic speed: 1 second.
  • Technical conditions: TUU 24.2-35291116-001:2009.
  • Registration certificate: No. 05.03.02-08/1301 of 17.08.2015.

Description of the antiseptic sanitizer

Our world is changing! Protection from viruses and germs has never been as high as it is today. As part of the world’s struggle with the spread of the infamous coronavirus online store Al-Saha adds to the sale in Kiev and all Ukraine a unique and effective antiseptic tool for hands and body, or as it is now fashionable to call, a sanitizer.

We offer the already known and proven antiseptic based on silver and copper ions, without the content of alcohols. This antiseptic hygiene agent has nothing worse antibacterial and antiviral properties, used in surgical medicine. For easy use, the antiseptic agent is poured into convenient plastic jars with a dispenser in the form of a pipette.

Antiseptic action spectrum

This antiseptic agent is highly effective:

  • From all bacterial infections, including tuberculosis;
  • From viral infections including VIL, viruses, flu, hepatitis;
  • From fungal infections;
  • Anti-activity dispute;
  • to combat highly active pathogens in surgery.

How to use it

This product is recommended for disinfection:

  • hands, faces, bodies;
  • Items, clothing;
  • Pharmacy facilities;
  • Educational and cultural institutions;
  • Places to rest;
  • Businesses;
  • Public transport;
  • Houses, apartments, cars;
  • processing of medical equipment and medical personnel.

How to use a disinfectant

  • To use this disinfectant, it is enough just to apply it on the skin and rub with smooth movements until dry. It should not be washed away.
  • In surgical disinsection should initially wash the hands and forearm, after drying to apply antiseptic agent twice.


It has a number of really important benefits for the safety of application:

  • Antiseptic treatment does not emit toxic harmful substances;
  • Can’t cause allergic reactions;
  • Is neutral to the skin of the hands;
  • Has a pH level of 5.5;
  • Fire is safe.


It is impossible to allow contact with the eyes, mucous membranes and getting into the stomach.

Keep your children safe.

Antiseptic composition

Ingredients: purified water, 5 silver citrate solution (concentration of active silver 500 x 25 mg/dm3), copper citrata solution (concentration of active copper 500 x 25 mg/dm3).

It doesn’t contain alcohol!


  • The expiration date of the hand antiseptic is 3 years from the date of production.
  • Store in a closed container. The storage temperature should be between 5 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius

How to buy antiseptic in Kiev and Ukraine

Buy this unique antiseptic product for hands and body, for disinfecting surfaces and various items can be in the city of Kiev, and throughout Ukraine.

To order, add the goods to the basket or just call us by phone on the website of the online store Al-Saha. When you buy with other goods of our store you get an antiseptic for only 40 UAH!

Stay at home, do not get sick, take care of the health of yourself and loved ones!

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