Bionatal logoThe largest seller of black cumin oils and beauty and health products from Egypt in Ukraine, Al-Sakha online store, received very interesting news from partners.

Not so long ago (just a couple of months ago) a company began to exist in the United States of America. Bionatal. Their emphasis was placed on the production of black premium cumin oil exclusively, as well as a number of products based on black cumin oils.

After the production of the first batch, the oil was sent for laboratory testing for further certification to US standards. It took not so little time, but the result was pleased. Bionatal oil passed all necessary checks and was allowed for sale.

Buyers from the USA, Canada and some other countries can already become happy owners of this product.

Black Seed Oil Bionatal:

  • first cold press;
  • hand made;
  • best Ethiopian black seeds;
  • unfiltered;
  • US certified.

In parallel with the production of black cumin oil, black cumin soap is also on sale. The formula for this was developed by a professor at the University of California.

How buy?

Find out detailed information about the company Bionatal and buy their goods while you can only

We are working to ensure that in the store Al-Sakha in the near future also you could purchase all the goods of the company Bionatal.

As soon as we arrange the logistics from the USA to Ukraine, you can also buy American top quality cumin oil. We will post the news about it.

Below we offer to see a fresh video from Bionatal:

Black Seed Oil Bionatal

Enjoy your shopping and good health!

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