Cellulite and its stages

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Cellulite formula

In the market of cosmetic products, one of the most expensive and popular products are anti-cellulite programs. Manufacturers of cosmetics use all sorts of tricks and loud slogans to inspire the buyer information about the great problem of “orange” skin. Some manufacturers put a mark of equality between cellulite and excess weight, someone calls it a disease and few manufacturers honestly can admit that they are unlikely to be able to 100% remove, causing so much horror, crust from your skin.

Sellulite or Cellulitius

I want to think a little bit with you about this “problem”

If, for example, to allow the relationship of excess weight with cellulite, then why quite a large number of people with an ideal ratio of weight and height (by the way, I belong to them), have cellulite on the buttocks and thighs? If it is a disease, then 75% of the world’s female population is sick and they need urgent treatment…. But then it should be not a cream or scrub, and medicines. Again, there is a question that even on disposable hygiene products write that “self-medication can harm your health”, and on most boxes of anticellulite drugs about it not a word.

My epiphany came only when I first decided to create an anti-cellulite scrub on my own. And to be quite honest, my brain clogged with advertising did not immediately perceive the necessary information and the first thing I began to look for specially created complexes to combat cellulite, to mix some of the most-most and get such a super-bomb of rapid action.

First of all, my search engine gives, of course, the most popular brands of cosmetics with sky-high prices and with chemical composition, which I even read correctly 7 years ago could not. And in fact, everything turned out to be very simple and accessible. All you had to do was look at the anatomy textbook for schoolchildren, but who knew 🙂

So, we’ll dig a little deeper.

There are two very similar in writing, but very different in meaning terms that sound like “cellulite” and “cellulitis”.

Healthy and unhealthy tissue structure
Healthy and unhealthy tissue: structure
  1. Sellulite – lipodestrophy, a cosmetic problem caused by structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer. Moreover, even the 4 stages of this “disease” have been highlighted.
  2. Cellulitius – phlegmon (acute spilled pneumal inflammation) subcutaneous fat. This is of course already a medical problem.
  3. But it seems that many people are comfortable to confuse these concepts. Since most of us are not talking about pneumonia, we will only talk about “Sellulite” or lipoedestrophy.

Cellulite: what it is like to be formed

Cellulite (lipodystrophy) is a structural change in the subcutaneous fat layer. And the culprit of these structural changes scientists call estrogens (a group of steroid hormones – estron, estriol, estradiol), which are produced in the ovaries. The level of this hormone changes with age and lifestyle, because the deterioration of the skin of women is observed during the period of hormonal changes in the body (menstruation, pregnancy, taking hormonal drugs).
But in the cosmetic problem called “cellulite” hormone, under the influence of which oxygen starvation of cells and the process of splitting fats is suppressed, can not play a decisive role just because for such indications there must be significant deviations from the norm, or “special position” of a woman. Therefore, the fat cells themselves are important here, which are not formed evenly, and do it on the principle of “there is more necessary”.

You probably also think that the subcutaneous fat he is deep under the dermis and epidermis and let himself grow there as he wants. And everything would be so, if our skin had the strength to contain these growths. So how elastic and elastic is your skin to keep those bumps? And this is where the main issue of cellulite is laid.

Thickness is important

It’s about how much you’re fat!

Here it is, the answer to the question why men almost do not have cellulite, but because the male hormone testosterone gave them epithelium 30% thicker than women. That’s why women have two ways: right and easy.

  • The right and cheap – to establish the formation of subcutaneous fat so that it does not accumulate in excess, and do not give the possibility of stagnation. This is done by the right and clear diet and regular exercise. Also, as your doctor’s prescription, it is possible to take vitamins, such as E, which helps to maintain skin elasticity and regulate the process of sebum production from within.
  • Light, but expensive – buy cream, scrub, wraps to restore skin elasticity. It should be noted that the composition of such means was aimed precisely at restoring elasticity, and not at fighting fat cells, for example. Such cosmetic products with the right selection of ingredients will significantly tighten the skin, thereby visually smoothing the irregularities. But be prepared for the fact that as soon as you stop the external impact, the effect will immediately go away.

Comprehensive approach only

The Al-Saha store advises to approach the issue comprehensively in order to achieve maximum effect. We recommend keeping the body toned and only maintain good results with natural ingredients that we can pick up from our anti-cellite arsenal of oriental, Arab and Egyptian craftsmen designed specifically for you.

The tools we offer to fight cellulite have been created for centuries and even millennia:

  1. First of all, it is, of course, Egyptian oil – arugula seed oil, avocado fruit food oil, castor oil and a special selection of herbs for weight loss,as well as black cumin seed oil(article about cumin oil for weight loss).
  2. Arab teas, especially senna teas or senna inmebals, will help in the fight against excess weight.
  3. There is also a great and delicious supplement. For example, senol is a combination of honey, olive oil, cumin and dried senna leaves.
  4. For the skin should fix the effect of cosmetic slimming cream El Hawag from Egypt.
  5. Among the additional hygiene products recommend soap anti-cellulite El Hawag.
  6. For daily care and increase the elasticity of the skin we offer to use masks with oily jojoba oils, arganov in combination with essential oils or black pepper, chili peppers.
  7. And for a massage should use the section “massage oils”.

And 54 more products to help reduce excess weight:

list of 54 foods for weight loss
54 weight loss products

Not a drop of excess…

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