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  • Is black cumin or cumin oil safe during pregnancy?
  • Can I take cumin when breastfeeding?

We offer an article about all the intricacies and taboos, about the possibility of taking it inwards, if you are very soon planning to get pregnant, already carry a future child or feed your baby breast milk.

What is black cumin?

Black cumin and Black Seed Oil, derived from black cumin seeds, have performed well and are used in traditional medicine, pharmacology and cosmetics. Its medicinal properties are timeless and even after tens of centuries it is still relevant today, thanks to which there are many recipes for healing the body with the help of the “Black Seed Oil” .

Cumin to improve lactation

Baby, Mother and Black Cumin: Benefits, Contraception

Among the many ways to stimulate the body’s production of milk, the correct use of folk remedies in particular black cumin seeds, is an effective and effective way to improve lactation. Various healing tinctures and broths derived from the seed “black” is a sure way to increase lactation. For example, have you had cases when your child became restless, did not put on weight, this cause in most cases is a decrease in lactation.

The rich natural composition of this plant has shown itself from the best side not only in cooking in the form of spices, but also as a healing agent. Cumin “black” contains a large amount of vitamin A, B, C, E, K, Omega-3 and Omega-6, fatty acids, macro and micronutrients that have beneficial effects on the body, healing it.

Benefits of breast-feeding

Useful properties of therapeutic means for nursing mothers:

Breastfeeding and black cumin
  • Favors to increase lactation;
  • eliminates spasmodic pains of smooth musculature in the intestines and counteracts the formation of colic in babies;
  • eliminates fermentation, as well as the appearance of gases in the intestines, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system in both young mothers and infants;
  • Is used in medicine as a remedy against helminths;
  • It has a calming property;
  • increases haemoglobin in the blood, as well as resistance to various types of infections;
  • strengthens the body’s immune system;
  • restores the natural shine and natural beauty of hair and nails, has a beneficial effect on the skin, etc.

All of the above qualities, which are fully possessed by black cumin, tinctures, teas, broths and oil to increase lactation can be used every remedy, but first you should wait for the full recovery of the body after childbirth.

  1. It is recommended to take these products 2-3 months after birth, so that the mother’s body fully recovered.
  2. After that, it is necessary to find out whether the baby has an allergic reaction to a new dietary supplement in the mother’s diet.
  3. To check for the reaction, it is advisable to use 5-7 drops of oil 15 minutes before the meal. If within 24 hours the baby will not have any signs of intolerance to the product, then cumin oil can be drunk with a teaspoon a day, in the same way 15 minutes before the meal.
  4. If the temperature oil is poorly tolerated and there are unpleasant sensations, migraines and the like of spices prepare medicinal tinctures or tea.

Decoctions, tinctures and drinks with cumin feeding

  1. Decoction based on black cumin seeds. Grind the seeds, then take a teaspoon of crushed seidan seeds,pour them 200 ml. hot water, boil for 5 minutes, then allow to cool and drain.
  2. Tincture. Pour a teaspoon of seeds 200 ml. boiling water, cover on top with something flat, let infuse for 30 minutes. Use this product 30 minutes before breastfeeding. The dose should not exceed 250 ml. 24 hours.
  3. A medicinal drink. It should be used only if the baby is not allergic to components. Two tablespoons of blackberries pour into 1 liter of water, add 100 grams of honey and sliced lemon. The resulting mixture is boiled and continue to cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes. Then the resulting drink should be cooled and drained. Drink no more than 1 litre during the day.


CAN’T BE!!! No need to use black cumin oil, if you have excess breast milk, it can lead to its stagnation, and inflammatory processes.

Tmin oil and Seeds during pregnancy

Drinking black oil or eating its seeds during pregnancy is strongly discouraged, as it can cause rejection of the fetus. Therefore, never use this plant if you are pregnant.

However, external use is quite acceptable and useful in many aspects. Black cumin or kalinji oil is applied to the skin, hair, nails, used in aromatherapy, rinses, wrappings, compresses and inhalations.

Use nature’s wonderful oil for your health and be mindful of the health of your future or already born baby. Always remember about its contraception (pregnancy at any stage, transplanted organs, individual intolerance of the product).

Good health for all pregnant and new mothers!

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