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General information about holidays in Morocco

About Morocco

The country of Morocco is a unique unity of languages, cultures, religions, ancient traditions and modernity. She is known for her mint tea, date plantations, minarets and Medina with their maze of streets. At one time, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Kerouac and Winston Churchill vacationed here, each of which was fascinated by the beauty of these places. Visiting Morocco, you will get an unforgettable pleasure and a really interesting holiday.

The mountains and nature of Morocco

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Nature, mountains, desert and beaches

Unlike many countries in Africa, Morocco boasts a natural diversity. The country is home to the Atlas and Reef mountains, sand beaches and rocky, picturesque coves, endless dunes and green oases. To the south of the Atlas Mountains stretches the largest desert on earth – the Sahara.

A bit of Morocco’s history

Moroccan flag

The first people appeared in Morocco as early as 700,000 years ago. Since the end of the 2nd millennium BC. Phoenicians lived in this area, and from the 7th century BC. the northern part of present-day Territory of Morocco was ruled by Carthage. Later, the ancientBerr tribes formed here the Moorish kingdom, which became part of the Roman Empire. Over the next 2,000 years, Morocco was ruled by many states, from the Arab Caliphate to colonial Spain. France, which also had a long-term influence on the culture of the country, had a significant influence on the culture of the country. Such a colorful history has affected the diversity of the country’s culture. There are different beliefs – the beginning from paganism to the characteristic of the North African countries Islam. Interestingly, one of the priorities of its cultural policy is the Moroccan Government’s preservation of the country’s cultural verification.


The national feature of Morocco’s architecture is the gift. High thick walls protect these structures from thieves and dangerous animals.


Moroccan cuisine is similar to Mediterranean cuisine. The country’s national dishes combine Eastern and European traditions. The most popular poisons here are couscous and tagine.

Moroccan language

The Moroccan state language is Arabic. The second language here is French. Also common, though to a much lesser extent, English and Spanish – in the vicinity of Fez.

Morocco’s currency

The official currency is the Moroccan dirham (Dh). 1 Dh equals 100 centimes. In circulation are banknotes denominated in 200, 100, 50 and 10 dirham, as well as coins in 5 and 1 dirham and 5, 10, 20 and 50 centime. Morocco accepts only the national currency.

Customs control

Once you have decided to buy a tour in Morocco, it is important to know the following points:

  1. There are no restrictions on the import and export of foreign currency.
  2. When exporting unspoted currency during your stay in the country, you must present a bank certificate of exchange.
  3. After currency exchange, keep your exchange cheques or certificates with you until you return to your home country.
  4. In Morocco, you can import no more than one bottle of spirits and one bottle of wine, up to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 250 grams of tobacco.
  5. Without special permission, it is forbidden to export items of historical and artistic value to the country.
  6. The import of professional photo equipment is also limited (this rule does not apply to amateur photo equipment).
  7. To bring in mobile phones you need to get a special permit before leaving.

It’s time

  • Morocco lives on GMT.
  • His time lags behind Kiev by 3 hours.

Tension in the Moroccan electricity grid

  • The voltage in the network is 220V or 110V,you need to have an adapter with you.


  • In order to make a call in Morocco, you need to dial: 8 q 10 q 212 q city code.
  • Telephone codes of the country’s cities: Agadir – 8, Marrakech – 4, Rabat – 7.
  • Important numbers you may need: ambulance – 15,police – 19, fire service – 15, gendarmerie and road help – 177.
  • Write down these codes to always have them with you.

Banks and shops

  • Banks in Morocco are open on weekdays: from 8.30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. and from 2:15 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday are weekends.
  • During Ramadan, financial institutions are open from 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • It is important to remember that the national currency – dirham – is not converted or exported from the country.
  • It is always better to have small billswith you, because sellers like to pretend, they do not have a change. In addition, as a rule, a large bill in the hands of a potential buyer encourages them to inflate prices.
  • Bargaining is accepted almost everywhere, except supermarkets.
  • Upon arrival in Morocco, upon arrival in the country immediately go to the bank and stock up on the national currency.

Useful information about Morocco

City in Morocco
  • There are a lot of petty thefts on the streets in Morocco, so it is worth taking care of security measures. It is important not to put money in external easily accessible pockets and not to leave cash in plain sight.
  • Tap water in the country does not meet sanitary standards, so drink only bottled water.
  • Alcoholic beverages in Morocco are sold almost everywhere, but after 8pm you will not be able to buy them. Therefore, you should stock up on alcoholic beverages in advance, if you suddenly want to relax a little in the evening.
  • If you stay in the sun for a long time, you should definitely use the protection against ultraviolet light.
  • There are not many dangerous insects in the country, but it is worth wary of spiders and scorpions.
  • Watch out! Holidaymakers in Morocco should be careful in mountainous areas. The so-called “Berber dirham”, which you can see from local traders, does not exist in nature.

Major Moroccan resorts

Which resort in Morocco to choose?

Morocco’s main resorts:


Located in western Morocco, Agadir is the historic centre of the Sousse region. This is the central resort of the Atlantic coast of Morocco, where one of the best beaches in the country is located with a length of 6 km.

City in Morocco - Agadir

Agadir can be mistaken for any European resort – here women do not hide their faces, and the way of life is close to the south of Europe. The modernity and dynamism of this city attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

The resort has built more than 40 hotels of different categories, many of which belong to the world’s major chains. Agadir can offer entertainment for all tastes. Outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to sail, surf, play golf, fish or ride. Agadir is the center of nightlife. There are a lot of restaurants and nightclubs.

The city is famous for interesting monuments of antiquity. The oldest quarter of Agadir is the Fortress, built in the 16th century. Previously, there was a massive citadel, now it is only one wall, but the exceptional beauty of the view, which opens from here to the whole city and picturesque cafes located on the narrow streets, still attract crowds of tourists.

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Ouarzazat Resort

Not far from the Atlas Mountains and the river Dra is the town of Ouarzazat, which was once just a small settlement on an important trade route to Europe. During the colonial period, the city developed considerably.

Ouarzazat - Resort City of Morocco

Ouarzazat is now known as the centre of the Moroccan film industry. It is home to the largest studio in the country, where several successful Hollywood films were shot: Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and David Lin’s Lawrence of Arabia. The main historical landmark of the city is the medieval fortress of Tauritt, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is repeatedly imprinted on a film film.


Casablanca is one of Morocco’s most famous and prosperous cities. Here, a modern metropolis with skyscrapers and neon signs, whose population exceeds 3 million people, was built around the old Moor settlement.

Morocco - resort town of Casablanca

The main attraction of the city is the Grand Mosque of Hassan II, which features the longest minaret in the world. This sacred structure is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, which offers a beautiful view from the main glass hall of the mosque.

The Cornish waterfront is the centre of Casablanca’s nightlife, with many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos. There are two Medinas in the city, and tourists are advised to visit a new one built specifically for them. This is a pastiche of the old Moroccan market, and local traders are not as intrusive as in most such bazaars.


Located on the Atlantic Coast, Rabat is the capital of Morocco and its cultural and political centre. This city has equally absorbed the influence of the West and the East, while maintaining its unique flavor.

Morocco - Rabat

People have lived in this area since the 3rd century BC. Then this settlement was called Shell. Rabat got its modern name in 1170. The city flourished under Yakub al-Mansour, who moved the capital of the state of Almohad.

Rabat is a city of many parks. It seems that it is drowning in the greenery of gardens and squares. The capital of the kingdom is decorated with architectural monuments of different eras. Located on a rock citadel Kasbah Udaya – a real masterpiece of Moorish urban development. In the old part of the city is located another iconic structure – the Royal Palace. Here is the residence of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. The building is made in the traditional Arabic style – it is a long two-storey building, decorated with numerous turrets, arches and mosaics.

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Marrakech is the ancient capital of Morocco. The city is located in a significant distance from the coast, but it does not prevent it every year to attract thousands of tourists. Traveling here is a way to get to know the historical origins of the Moroccan kingdom.

Morocco - The city of Marrakech

Medina Marrakech is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of the red hue of its walls, it is called “red cities.” In the middle of Medina is the main square of Marrakech – Jemaa al-Fna. Many street vendors open their shops here and acrobats perform.

Marrakech has many gardens and parks. A picturesque palm grove spreads beyond the city, and agdal gardens occupy an area of more than 400 hectares. Rest and tourism in Morocco will bring everyone an unforgettable pleasure.


Located in the north-western part of the country on the shores of the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is a major trading port that resembles a semicircle from a bird’s-eye view. The city is located on the shore of a picturesque bay, its architecture combines both single-storey white houses of the old part of the city, and modern high-rise buildings of new quarters.

Tangier’s main attraction is the Hercules Grottoes, located in caves near Cape Spartel. From here stretches one of the world’s longest beach lines. It is 47 km of golden-gray sand, which is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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It is one of Morocco’s oldest cities and a centre of Islamic culture. The history of Fez goes back to 789, when the settlement was founded on the eastern bank of the river of the same name in the aftermath of the Idrisid state that became the capital.

The city consists of three parts:

  1. Fes el-Bali is an old Medina surrounded by powerful walls. It is home to one of the largest pedestrian zones in the world, and Medina itself is protected by UNESCO.
  2. Fez-Jdide is a newer Medina, built at the end of the 13th century. There are many monuments of the Marinid era. At one time it also housed the Fes ghetto, most of whose inhabitants eventually left for Israel.
  3. The new Fez is a part of the city, a constant of Europeans.

El Jadida

The city was founded by the Portuguese in the early 17th century. It used to be called Mazagan. There are no special attractions, so El Jadida is primarily a popular resort for summer holidays.

The main beach is located in the north of the city, its length – several kilometers. The best time to travel to El Jadida is August. It is then that the city hosts the annual Mousse religious festival, during which there is an opportunity to appreciate the dexterity of traditional Moroccan jigitka.

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Located 170 km from Adegir, Es Suweira is known as the “City of Pirates”. In the days of the Phoenicians this area was called “purple islands” because the paint of this color was extracted from local sea shells.

The resort’s beach is 6 km long. Tourists especially appreciate it for the highest wave on the Moroccan coast, and therefore created excellent conditions for surfing.

Among the historical monuments of Es Suweira is the former residence of Pasha, and now the museum of Sidi Mohammed bin Abdullah, where many examples of local art are kept. Almost untouched time remained the buildings of the former slave market of the city, which once brought captive Africans from all over the continent.


Morocco has a subtropical climate. Summers are dry and hot, and winter is cool and humid. The hottest in Morocco is in August. The daytime temperature during this period reaches 30 degrees, and at night the thermometer column shows about 20 degrees of heat. The coldest month of the year is January, when during the day the temperature does not exceed 18 degrees, and at night it drops to 8… The winter months also account for the highest rainfall – in December they fall to 900 mm.

In the central parts of the country in the summer months, daytime temperatures often reach 40 degrees, in winter at the same time the air warms up to 20 degrees. Rainfall here is very small – about 200 mm for the year.

If you like to soak up the sun or sunbathe, then buy a burning ticket or tour in Morocco need on August.

What to buy a tourist in Morocco?

What to buy on holiday in Morocco

The list of interesting goods in this wonderful corner of Africa is quite large. Even about everything we can not tell, but be sure to highlight the main unique and really useful purchases to each holidaymaker.

So let’s go:

  1. The baboons.
  2. Leather fixtures.
  3. Copper utensils: trays, plates, copper glasses.
  4. Women’s silver and semi-precious stone jewelry.
  5. Moroccan ceramics.
  6. Hellab’s hat.
  7. Woolly carpets.
  8. Leather products.
  10. Berber green tea.
  11. Cosmetics from argan oil, rose, olive,from various local herbs that have long been known all over the world.
  12. Soap Moroccan.
  13. Natural shampoos and creams.
  14. Spices and spicessuch as saffron, black cumin, turmeric,rosemary and many others.

Price well tours in Morocco

Prices and the cost of tours in Morocco can vary greatly depending on the tour operator. Often travel companies and agencies in Kiev and all in Ukraine will be able to offer you the most favorable prices of tours in Morocco. On our website, the current prices for tickets do not place. Therefore, all the details, prices and conditions check with your travel company.

How to find and buy burning tours in Morocco

Very often such tours have a much high cost of travel, which for the most part is formed by a large distance. But even then there is always an option to save when buying a tour online. To do this, the site was specially created section “Burning Tours” where always posted fresh offers. No exception can be a tour in Morocco, namely – will turn into a burning. Then the ticket will cost you much cheaper. Therefore, to take advantage of such special offers, stay tuned to the website of travel agencies and tour operators. The chance to buy a cheap burning tour in Morocco you will grow significantly. Traveling in Morocco will be able to give you a lot of emotions and unforgettable experiences!

To sum up or pack a suitcase

If you visit this wonderful, interesting and unique country, you will never turn yellow for a minute, as you will definitely find a fascinating and hot holiday with a lot of positive memories. Have a nice holiday!

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