Black seeds oil: Properties, Benefits, Uses

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Масла черного тмина

Black cumin and its benefits

Black cumin oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the same flower. Black caraway seeds grow in East Asia and the Middle East. It is cultivated mainly in India, Egypt and the Middle East, in the Western Mediterranean.

People of the East discovered the healing properties of the seeds of this flower even more than 3,000 years ago and regularly pass on knowledge from generation to generation. Thanks to the close ties of Russia with Egypt and Syria, at the beginning of the 21st century, black cumin oil began to be regularly imported to Russia, where it instantly gained wide popularity, and now the demand for oil is growing throughout the country every month. In Ukraine, caraway seed oil appeared at the end of the first decade of the 21st century and now it is the turn of Ukrainians to learn about the amazing healing properties of black cumin.


In 1992, the University of Dhaka Medical Department, Bangladesh, conducted a study of the antibacterial properties of black cumin oil, in comparison with 5 strong antibiotics: Ampicilin, Tetracycline, Cotrimoxazole, Gentamicin and Nalidixic acid. The results, undoubtedly, delight – black cumin oil was more effective in all respects.

Black seeds
Black seeds (nigella sativa)

Due to its rich chemical composition, cumin has various healing properties of external and internal applications. It is an essential component of therapeutic oils for hair, joints, etc. It is also considered the strongest cold and preventative medicine. Professors recommend the use of black cumin and oil for preventive purposes.

масло тмина выбрать

It has already been proven that with the daily use of black cumin oil, it is able to kill cancer cells of cancer-prone people and protect against colds. In addition, it is also the strongest natural energetic. After a month of use, you will find that you are more hardy, not so tired at work, get enough sleep in a short period of time.

Black cumin oil is contraindicated in pregnant women and people with implanted organs.


External use of black cumin oil:

  • It is used in the care of problem skin of any type with acute and congestive inflammatory elements. Skin care for allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis. Absorbable, tonic regenerating effect;
  • masks for deep cleaning of the skin and pores;
  • hair care for seborrhea;
  • increases the elasticity of the bust;
  • helps in the treatment of various dermatological diseases associated with neurohumoral and histamine disorders;
  • when rubbing, the warts disappear;
  • effective antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral agent: eliminates itching, regenerates inflamed skin.

Internal use of black cumin oil:

  • strengthens the immune system. During use, simultaneous stimulation of the body as a whole occurs. Blood tests of people taking black cumin oil revealed that the content of vital T-lymphocytes, T-killers and other cells responsible for strengthening and strengthening the body’s defenses increased several times;
  • crushes stones in the kidneys and bladder;
  • promotes replenishment of nurse’s milk;
  • helps to remove worms;
  • cures a runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, jaundice, impotence;
  • effective in bronchitis and asthma;
  • optimizes the intestines due to the elimination of the phenomena of dysbiosis;
  • prevents obesity, contributes to weight loss with its excess;
  • lowers blood cholesterol;
  • due to the presence of thymoquinone, oil intake helps to reduce blood glucose;
  • is an antidote to alcohol;
  • helps to increase appetite;
  • normalizes menstrual cycles;
  • increases the potency of the genitals.

Also, black cumin oil is used in the treatment of some common diseases:

  • diseases associated with indigestion;
  • diseases related to the urethra (urinary incontinence);
  • ulcers of the stomach and duodenum;
  • arthritis;
  • liver disease
  • diseases associated with inflammation of the nasal passages.

The use of black cumin

Almost every good housewife knows about the use of black cumin in cooking as a spicy seasoning. But in the Muslim East, caraway seeds have a long and widespread use in medicine and cosmetology. The fantastically useful properties of caraway seeds and their concentrated extract – black cumin oil – are unique and have been used for thousands of years to treat many diseases.

Hijama and Ayurveda (Islamic and Indian medicine, respectively) are successfully using the healing oil of black cumin as a traditional natural remedy for healing a long list of ailments. And eastern women to this day use kalingini oil (cumin) as a natural cosmetic product for the health of skin and hair.

Nigella Sativa oil: healing properties and industries of use

Seydan (black cumin) oil is considered a true health storehouse. It contains so many substances and trace elements useful for our health that it has practically no analogues in the world.

Several groups of vitamins (B, D, E are well represented, slightly less is C), minerals, saturated and essential fatty acids for the body, at least a dozen amino acids, arginine, healing for the heart and blood vessels, phytosterols and carotenoids, a number of other useful substances … And all this is not in a chemical laboratory, but in the most natural product – fatty oil of black cumin! It is worth noting here that unrefined oil obtained by cold pressing seeds of black caraway seeds retains much more useful substances than refined. Therefore, hereinafter we mean exclusively unfiltered cumin oil.

The presence of vitamin E in the composition of chernushka (cumin) oil together with acids gives the product a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Which is very useful for the muscular system and is taken into account in the special nutrition of athletes.

The property of black cumin oil to quench pain and soothe is completely invaluable in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also in the composition of black cumin seeds there are trace elements that have a choleretic and diuretic effect.

Oil treatment with black cumin in the East was used even for cholera – this product of the first extraction of caraway seeds has such a strong bactericidal effect.

It is noteworthy that when destroying harmful microbes and bacteria, royal black cumin oil is characterized by local action, and not general. That is, it does not threaten the body with dysbiosis.

The monounsaturated acids mentioned in the composition of black cumin oil are very good for strengthening blood vessels and the heart. What makes the product indispensable for the prevention of cardiovascular ailments, makes the vessels strong and elastic. And healthy vessels – this is a balanced pressure, the prevention of thrombosis, a decrease in cholesterol.

Phytosterols with flavonoids, vitamins A + E, all the same essential for the body omega acids in the fat extract of caraway seeds give another useful property of caraway seed oil: improving gastric motility, normalizing appetite.

The strong healing effect of caraway seed oil is explained by the content of carotenoids in it – substances from which A-vitamin is produced in the body. It also stimulates the regeneration of cells, as a result of which damaged areas of the mucous membranes and skin are recreated. And this vitamin normalizes glucose levels and is an “active participant” in the synthesis of bone tissue and tooth enamel.

In addition to medical, caraway and oil have a very wide range of applications in cosmetology and cooking. Nevertheless, let us dwell in detail on the healing properties of the original black cumin oil, which you can buy in our online store Al Saha.

Indications for use

“Black seeds can do anything except raise the dead,” a statement in that spirit is recorded in the Muslims main book, the Qur’an, and the authorship of the quote is attributed to the prophet Muhammad himself.

As with any medicine, with black cumin oil it is important to comply with the dosage and storage conditions. It is also necessary to know about contraindications, and in this case, the use of black cumin should be agreed with the doctor.

Consider a brief description of diseases when, as a recipe, the use of black cumin and its products has repeatedly confirmed its effectiveness:

  • with violations in the respiratory system: with bronchitis, asthma. Expectorant effect – helps cough and runny nose, relieves sputum;
  • helps with sclerosis;
  • It has long been used in diabetes;
  • oncology: the ingredients of Egyptian cumin oil can destroy tumors;
  • crushes kidney stones, removes sand from the bladder (diuretic and choleretic);
  • treated with cumin oil as an ointment is recommended for hemorrhoids;
  • stimulates the production of breast milk;
  • normalizes the menstrual cycle;
  • balances pressure, helps to eliminate headaches;
  • Nigella Sativa Oil (black cumin oil) helps to cope with male sexual problems, increases attraction;
  • It is used to combat pathogens and worms;
  • cumin oil for weight loss has long been recommended by nutritionists;
  • strengthens the vocal cords and positively affects the quality of their sound, which is actively used by singers and artists;
  • relieves pain in the ears (if you apply oil from caraway seeds as a drop).

Of course, the full list of ailments in which black cumin oil treatment is effectively applied is much wider.

Uses in cosmetology

The method of using black cumin and its ingredients as an effective cosmetic means requires a separate description. It is extremely beneficial for the skin and is part of many medical and cosmetic products for the face, hands, hair.

It normalizes and balances the work of the skin sebaceous glands, which ultimately has a beneficial effect on the epidermis: oily skin is dried, excessively dry – it becomes more moisturized, nourished with useful elements.

The bactericidal effect of the oil from the seeds of black caraway seeds is expressed in the fact that it kills pathogens, “prevents the fungus from raising its head”, effectively fights against acne and acne, and helps with psoriasis. As you can see, the medical and cosmetic effects complement each other. A remedy that simultaneously helps wrinkles and heals wounds is truly a gift of nature to man.

In any, even a small Egyptian town, you can easily buy black cumin oil in a pharmacy – it will be they who will advise you as an ointment for lichen and other skin diseases.

Many oriental women look younger than their age due to their excellent skin condition and magnificent hair. The secret lies in the use of Arabic cosmetics, the production of which is in full swing using black cumin and its seed oil.

How to apply cumin oil

You can talk a lot about the benefits of caraway seeds and the use of its oil, but specific recipes have specific recipes. In fact, over thousands of years they have been developed and tested a lot. We will list the main ways to use natural black cumin oil.

  • Indoor and outdoor use

Even for a perfectly healthy person, the systematic use of caraway seed oil inside is very good for the prevention of a number of ailments. The result is an increase in immunity, an improvement in general condition.

And with certain ailments, the intake of black cumin oil is a necessity for healing, eastern doctors are convinced.

  • Respiratory problems (asthma, pneumonia, acute cough)

Inside, take a spoonful of the original black cumin oil before morning and evening meals.

Experts also recommend inhalation of caraway seed oil in pairs (for their preparation in a liter of water we breed tables. A spoon of Black Seed Oil), as well as ¼ tea. pour the spoons under the tongue.

Mix for massage-grinding (breast + back): Royal cumin oil from Egypt is mixed in a ratio of 1: 5 with olive.

  • Flu, cough

Real olive and dark oil, taken in equal proportions, are instilled into the nose three or four times a day.

  • With excessive pressure

Ground caraway seeds (teaspoon) are poured into a hot drink (tea / warm milk). We drink in the morning before meals daily. It’s good to eat a couple of garlic cloves.

  • Headaches

Inside daily – one table. spoon of oil from black caraway seeds. In places where it hurts, we also apply it. We manage without sweets!

Another recipe: mix black cumin flour with ground seeds of anise and cloves in the same proportions. We use teaspoonful daily: hold in the oral cavity until it becomes possible to swallow without problems. Do not drink liquid!

With dizziness, just a teaspoon of oil is enough to drink with tea. And also – we rub the neck behind and the area under the cheeks.

  • Tumors (oncology)

We apply unrefined seydan oil to the tumor site.
We drink carrot juice fresher (200 ml), in which black cumin oil (table. Spoon) is previously dissolved.

Reception of the mixture three times a day. The course is at least 3 months.

For such treatment, it is better to buy Royal Black Cumin Oil.

  • With diabetes

Nigella Sativa Oil ingredients help lower sugar levels. Oil intake is good for diabetes prevention.

And for the treatment of the disease get caraway seeds. We prepare the mixture: 1 cup of caraway seed and flower cress, and ½ cup ground pomegranate peel. Mix. Take daily 1 tablespoon before a morning meal. Storage – in a cool place.

Another Arabic recipe: instead of flower cress we use water (raisins), and take the pomegranate peel not half, but one and a half glasses.
The mixture is not taken in the dining room, but in the tea house. spoon with the same amount of caraway seed oil. The course of treatment is thirty days or more.

  • With a stomach ulcer

Treatment with black caraway seeds for stomach problems should start only after consultation with your doctor! Black caraway is extremely rare, but it is better to be safe here.

If the specialist does not see the threats, then we take a teahouse. a spoonful of caraway seeds and a table. spoonful of flaxseed extract, stir in 200 ml of water, boil for 2 minutes, insist.
We drink this mixture daily, we exclude sweets and citrus fruits.

Additional recipe: mix 10 ml of black cumin oil with honey (100 g). Eat in the morning at the tea house. spoon before eating. The course is at least 60 days.

  • Hemorrhoids

We prepare an “antihemorrhoidal” mixture: kalingini (cumin) oil with olive. The ratio is 1: 1, stir them in a liquid. We drink on the table. spoon of the mixture three times a day, the course is a decade, if necessary longer.
To prevent constipation, apply caraway extract to the painful area.

  • Diarrhea

Pour the table. a spoonful of dark caraway oil in 100-150 ml of yogurt (necessarily halal). We drink twice a day.

  • With rheumatism

We make cinnamon in 200 ml of water, adding five drops of dark cumin oil there. For morning use.

We also synthesize a mixture where caraway and olive oil are in equal proportions. We slightly warm and massage the diseased areas using this remedy.

In the evening we make a drink: honey, water, half a tablespoon of cumin oil. Boil. We drink shortly before bedtime.

  • With skin ailments

Combine black cumin oil from Egypt with water infused in pink (1: 1). To the resulting mass add the same amount of brown flour. Rub the affected area with a small amount of vinegar. After we apply the prepared mixture. Avoid the sun.

Do not forget to drink healthy cumin oil every day. For facial skin lesions: mix tea. a spoonful of caraway oil from the table. a spoon of olive. Apply to face, hold for an hour.

  • Stones (kidneys, gall bladder)

The tool is simple: grind caraway seeds and add to honey. Eat before meals.

  • Allergy, skin inflammation

We drink 1 tea. spoonful of caraway oil before breakfast and before the evening meal.
Also rub the rash. Do not overdo it – rub gently, do not cause additional pain.

  • With eye diseases

Lubricate the temporal region and eyelids with caraway oil.

Inside, we use 7 ml of caraway seed oil with heated carrot juice.

We are preparing a special compress: add a table to the water (standard glass). a spoonful of black cumin seeds, cook. The cooled broth is filtered. Soak a few cotton pads stacked together and put on the eyelids for ten minutes.

  • Toothache

Mix ground black seeds with olive extract to a paste-like consistency. Apply to where it hurts.

We make a glass of apple. vinegar, to which 2 tables are added. tablespoons ground caraway seeds. Filter, let cool. Rinse the oral cavity.

  • Abnormalities in the liver

In 100 g of honey, stir the tea. a spoonful of ground cumin seeds and the same amount – oak bark. Daily tea. a spoonful of this mixture. The course is at least 30 days.

  • Stimulation of mental activity, strengthening memory

Numerous reviews about caraway seed oil indicate that its use improves brain activity and healthy memory.

To do this, use oil with mint: add a spoonful of extract to the mint broth. You can add honey for sweetness and aroma. We drink on an empty stomach.

Another option: mix boiling broth from leaves and sprigs of mint with honey, add the same 7 ml of dark oil. We drink hot at any time of the day, avoid coffee and tea.

  • In the absence of normal sleep

Ground black seeds (teaspoon), with honey, will help treat insomnia. Eat in the evening before meals.

  • With bouts of nausea and vomiting

Ground black seeds (teaspoon) are combined with a decoction of menthol. Drink 2-3 times a day.

  • “Sick” hair

For the treatment of hair, we prepare a special mixture:

  • Black seeds – 1 table. spoon,
  • Arugula juice + apple cider vinegar,
  • Olive extract – 100 ml.

Cumin mix with arugula and infuse for 10 minutes. Then pour the vinegar and olive extract, mix. Rub the mixture into the head. Dosage varies from one to three tablespoons – depending on the length of the hair. Hold 1/3 hours, rinse.

  • With hair loss

Massage the head with a mask of caraway and olive oils (1: 1). After rubbing, hold for ten minutes. Repeat for a week every other day.
At the same time we drink 1 tsp. cumin oil (morning and evening).

  • Bone pain

Inside – boil the onion, mix with black pepper oil. We eat 2 times a day. Plus grinding with a mixture of cumin oil and peppermint.

  • Lower cholesterol

Add 7 ml of caraway seed oil to brewed mint, sweeten with honey. We drink hot on an empty stomach. We categorically avoid beef fat.

  • Deprive eczema

Grinding will help unfiltered black cumin oil.

We treat the affected areas several times a day (preferably at least 3).

  • With bruises

Brem ground cumin (tea. Spoon) and mix with honey (tablespoon).

We drink tea in the evening on an empty stomach. Rubbed with cumin oil 3 times a day.

Black Cumin Tea

In the East, black seed tea is very much appreciated as a universal healing remedy for many diseases and ailments, especially stomach ones. This is an excellent diuretic and choleretic agent, helps get rid of worms.

Its use for weight loss is also well known and proven.

Recipe: ground black cumin seeds (1 teaspoon) pour boiling water (1/4 cup), insist 10 minutes. Then we filter. We use twice a cup.

Anti-cold caraway tea: mix ground cumin (1 tbsp.), Licorice root (1 tsp.), Dried chamomile color (1 tsp.), Anise (half tsp.). Pour boiling water, insist 10 minutes. We filter. You can fill the drink with honey.


The use of black cumin oils and its seeds has its limitations.

Also, the use of caraway seeds is not recommended:

  • with acute gastritis, as well as with increased gastric acidity;
  • cholithiasis (gallstone disease) in severe form, cholecystitis;
  • ischemia and thrombophlebitis, thrombosis;
  • heart attacks;
  • period of pregnancy.

Edible oil of caraway seeds used for culinary purposes has practically no contraindications.

Of course, with individual intolerance, the use of black cumin is also not recommended.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Black cumin and oil do not like sun and moisture. Therefore, these products must be stored in dark, dry places in closed vessels.

Instructions for storing black seed oil also require compliance with the temperature regime. It should not exceed 25 degrees heat.

The expiration date of black seed products is usually indicated on the packaging. For example, Royal black seed oil from Egypt is stored for 2 years from the date of production.


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