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General information about holidays in Egypt

Egypt annually attracts a huge number of tourists, because it was here that emerged one of the most mysterious and powerful civilizations of the Ancient World. Majestic pyramids, the mysterious Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and many other historical masterpieces amaze the imagination of those who were lucky enough to see them.

Pyramids in Cairo and Bedouin with camel
Egyptian pyramids and camel

Modern Egypt is a large Arab country located in North Africa. It is located on two continents, the border of which runs along the Suez Canal.

Egypt is an extremely hospitable country – here you will always be welcome. Egyptians will ask with interest about family, children, work and invite for tea.

Despite the quarantine we are all waiting for the opening of tourist borders around the world. In the meantime, just read all the useful information that you are sure to need on vacation in Egypt.

The language of Egypt

The official language of Egypt is considered to be Arabic.

Egypt’s currency

The official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound or the Egyptian lira – from the French – Livre zgyptienne, which is abbreviated as L.E. and is more common on Egyptian price tags.

One Egyptian pound is equal to 100 piastrams. 1 U.S. dollar is about 5 pounds. In stores, you can pay both the Egyptian pound and dollars, but when paying dollars, the goods can cost more.

Customs control in Egypt

After you have managed to buy a burning ticket or a tour to Egypt, you need to remember or write down the following rules, the following rules.

The currency can be imported into Egypt without any restrictions, and it is allowed to export no more than $5000 per person. It is forbidden to export Egyptian pounds. If there is a higher currency amount to be taken out, you need to fill out a currency declaration. Also, you need to declare jewelry and other jewelry, electronic equipment, especially the one that can shoot a video.

It is forbidden to export old objects, corals and other representatives of the Flora and fauna of the Red Sea (even those found on the beach), otherwise you will have to pay a fine of $1,000. The importation of drugs into Egypt is severely punishable.

Tensions in Egypt’s electricity grid

The voltage of electric current is the same as in Ukraine – 220 V.

Egypt time

There is no difference in time with Ukraine.

Shops and banks in Egypt

Shops in Egypt are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., shop workers dine from noon to 2 p.m. in winter, and in summer from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Friday is a day off. There are a lot of DUTY FREE stores in Egypt. For purchases in such points necessarily requires a passport, which is marked about purchased goods. Buying a tour to Egypt is worth stocking up on a lot of pocket money.

Useful information about Egypt

In Egypt, tap water is technical, it is not allowed to drink, it is also unsuitable for brushing teeth. Bottled water is good for drinking and mouthwash. Indigestion is the most common disease of tourists, which can occur as a result of unwashed vegetables and fruits or drunk water with ice from running water.

In Egypt, people disinfect the stomach with lemon, so in restaurants to soups, salads and other snacks tourists usually serve slices of this citrus. You can photograph and shoot on video everything, but people on the street, it is better to ask permission, because the Muslim religion is forbidden to create images of a person.

Thelong-awaited tour to Egypt should be taken into account.

Which resort of Egypt should you choose?

Egypt’s main resorts:

Choosing the right resort for holidays in Egypt
Where exactly to relax in Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh

The most prestigious Egyptian resort is Sharm el-Sheikh. From Arabic to Russian, its name is translated as “The Gulf of Sheikhs.” This resort is very popular for the beautiful coral reefs.

Here is the National Park of Egypt Ras-Muhammad, where you can see the amazing underwater world of the Red Sea. Beaches in hotels are also not much inferior to the reserve in the beauty and variety of corals and underwater inhabitants. You can watch the underwater life as swimming in underwater glasses, with a snorkel, and diving with scuba diving. Sharm el-Sheikh has a huge number of shops and diving centres with scuba equipment, clothing and all sorts of diving accessories.

Sharm el-Sheikh, a resort in Egypt
Sharm el-Sheikh

Fans of diving and other water sports must buy a hot ticket or a tour to Egypt to visit the beautiful city of Sherm el-Sheikh.

In addition to diving, tourists are offered trips on jeep safaris, equestrian clubs, parachute, mini golf, windsurfing, jet skis and educational excursions. Gift shops, restaurants and cafes are available in Naama Bay.


Hurghada is a city in Egypt that is good for those who want to relax with their children. There is always sunny weather and a sea breeze, which saves on hot days. The beach is sandy, in most hotels Hurghada there is both a gentle entrance into the sea, and pontoons at depth.

In almost all hotels, staff are free to explain themselves in many European languages. The food in the hotels of Hurghada is made on the principle of a buffet, with a variety of menus. A La Carte offers famous oriental dishes.

Hurghada, a resort town in Egypt on the red sea

From Hurghada you can go on excursions to other cities in Egypt, such as Cairo and Luxor, book sea walks on coral reefs and islands, ride in the desert on quad bikes or jeeps, dive with a snorkel and snorkel or scuba diving. It will be interesting to see the underwater world through the porthole of the submarine, which descends to a depth of twenty meters.

All these wonderful emotions can be experienced if you buy a burning ticket or a tour to Egypt and visit Hurghada. In the evening Hurghada waits for its tourists in restaurants, cafes, discos and casinos. There are dance shows in the hotels. In Hurghada there are duty free shops, where tourists can buy alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and perfumes with a passport. A wide range of jewelry and souvenir shops are offered.


Taba is a small resort town located on the border of Egypt and Israel. Here you can see the colorful granite mountains, canyons, blue lagoons and luxury hotels with gorgeous beaches. It is worth visiting the island of Pharaohs, on which the crusader fortress Salah El Dina, built in the 12th century, has been preserved.

Taba - Egyptian resort by the sea

Near the island is a beautiful coral reef – a popular diving spot. In the evening, by boat, you can go to the island, where they organize a light-sound performance.
Almost all the coast of Egypt is surrounded by coral reefs, so you can buy a burning ticket or tour to Egypt not only diving lovers, but also anyone who wants to see the marvelous beauty of the underwater world of Egypt.

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is still a young, but already quite promising resort of Egypt, which is rapidly developing. This resort is located on the coral-strewn Red Sea coast and is just 270 km south of Hurghada. First of all, Marsa Alam attracts tourists with its favorable weather at any time of the year and diverse fauna, flora of coral reefs. But we should also not forget about the historical values of the region.

Marsa Alam Resort in Egypt
Marsa Alam

After passing about 200 km, you can find a variety of antiquities – the temple complex Abu Simbel 145 km south in the desert is the Tomb of Sayad al-Shazli – the greatest Sufi ruler who ruled in the 13th century. His tomb was restored in the early 20th century.

Fans of architectural monuments of different countries must buy a burning ticket or tour to Egypt and visit the resort of MarsA Alam. The calm and cozy atmosphere of Mars Alam will appeal to those who are tired of noisy metropolises. Fans of outdoor activities will be happy to see in diving clubs, where there are interesting programs for both beginner divers and experienced divers.
Fans of diving here are attracted by clean water, sunken ships, rich fauna (lionesses, sleeping sharks, turtles, butterfly fish, parrot fish), as well as a variety of corals (tree and ball, soft and hard).

It is in Mars Alam beginners and experienced divers will get a real pleasure.


The capital of Egypt, Cairo, is the largest city on the African continent.

Cairo is the capital of the Egyptian Arab Republic
Cairo is the capital of Egypt

There are 19 million people living in Cairo. It is a city of contrasts – there are high-rise modern buildings and houses with endless annexes, palm trees with neon lights, subways and camel chasers, bazaars and pyramids.

The main attraction of the Cairo suburb, of course, are the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. Who has not seen these sights, is bound to see at least once in a lifetime.


On the Mediterranean coast, in the Nile Delta, 220 km from Cairo is the city of Alexandria – the second largest and largest population in Egypt, which was founded by Alexander the Great in 333 BC. Alexandria was the capital of Egypt for seven centuries. It was the largest political and cultural center of the entire Eastern Mediterranean. Scientists such as Archimedes and Euclid worked in the famous Library of Alexandria. At one time Cleopatra ruled Egypt from Alexandria.

Alexandria - a city in Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

The symbol of the city is Fort Kite Bay, which was built on the site of the Pharos Lighthouse. Alexandria is known not only for its famous historical sights, but also for its magnificent white beaches on the beach. The most famous are Mammura and Montaza, located in the eastern part of the city. Not far from the beaches is Abu Kir, a town in the bay of which 200 years ago there was a battle between the squadrons of Napoleon and Nelson.

Of all the Egyptian cities, first of all, buying a tour to Egypt, you need to visit Alexandria.

Climate in Egypt

The coldest period in Egypt lasts from December to March. After March, the temperature begins to rise rapidly. The period from June to September is the hottest. In October comes the velvet season (there is no sultry heat, but the sea remains comfortable for swimming), it lasts until November.

On the shores of the Red Sea, even from December to March, the average daily temperature is about 20 degrees. During the hot period, the temperature reaches 40 degrees in the shade.

The warmest Red Sea is between June and September, when the water in it warms up to 30 degrees. From January to March the sea is cool, about 20 degrees.

On the Mediterranean coast from December to March in the afternoon the air temperature reaches 20 degrees, at this time there is the most precipitation. From June to September in the afternoon the average temperature reaches 30 degrees.

In the Libyan desert from December to March, the average daily temperature is 25 degrees. From June to September – about 33 degrees.

What to buy in Egypt?

What to buy in Egypt - shops in Egypt
Egyptian shops

In Egypt, a lot of interesting and useful things that you just have to buy and bring yourself, your friends, friends and family.
So let’s take a closer look at the list of products worth buying in Egypt.

Egyptian cotton

Cotton itself from Egypt is considered to be of very high quality, and therefore it is necessary to find and buy clothes from cotton fabric: T-shirts, socks, dresses, headscarves, shawls, towels and more.

Clothes made of cotton in Egypt
Clothing in Egypt

Gold and silver

The sample of Egyptian gold is an order of magnitude higher than in Ukraine and CIS countries. However, you should count on the fact that you will be sold a maximum of gold-plated product, especially at a relatively low cost.

Gold jewelry in Egypt
Egyptian gold jewelry

Products made of fur, leather

Fur products and natural leather goods in Egypt can also be purchased at a great cost, and the quality will be no worse than Turkish. Exclusive goods can be called from the skin of a snake or a Nile crocodile.

Egyptian leather goods
Leather products in Egypt

Camel fur products

The list of such products is huge: from slippers and socks, to blankets and carpets. The quality can be quite high quality. The main thing is to bargain and be able to distinguish a fake.

Blankets, wool plaids
Woolly products

Souvenirs, figurines, interior decorations

Souvenirs for tourists of Egypt
Classic Egyptian souvenirs

Egyptian cosmetics, oils, perfumes and incense.

Cosmetics in Egypt

Special attention should be paid to natural cosmetic creams with black cumin,gels with aloe vera, special selections of oils and hair masks with arugula, natural handmade soap with jojoba,argan, patchouli, soap with Moroccan mud and olive oil, eyeliner, sunburn,henna. Chic come across and toothpastes with miswak or the sticks themselves for brushing teeth.

Basic oils for beauty and health promotion

Egypt has a huge number of well-known natural oil factories: El Hawag, El Baraka, El Captain, Nefertiti, Cleopatra and so on.

Real Arab oils for body, hair, health
Natural Egyptian oils

Some of them(El Baraka, Nefertiti, Cleopatra)are imprisoned exclusively for tourists. Their prices are at least several times inflated, and the quality of goods remains questionable. Especially be careful with so-called excursions to oil factories. As a rule, it is not even a factory, but just a way to sell you your goods in a tridor.

Among the oils note the following: jojoba oil, argan, aloeoil edible from avocado,drinking oils of cinnamon, cardamom, thyme, marjoram, helba, arugula seed oil,ginger, oil from carrot seeds,and even radish oil and ginseng root.

Be sure – Black cumin oil!

Black cumin oil is a special pride among Egyptians. They are able to make it and appreciate the mighty properties. This oil is made from the seed of black cumin most often from Ethiopian, Syrian and Egyptian seeds.

Egyptian black cumin oils, kalinji
Black Cumin Oils in Egypt Black Cumin Seeds

In appearance and taste it is quite sharp, can not bake much when used inside. The color is from yellow to dark brown. The smell is slightly sharp and smells of machine oil a little. The taste is not much better. In the refrigerator it does not freeze, so by the way you can check whether you sold olive oil under the guise of black cumin.

But! The properties of this oil are really wonderful.

After all, it is not for nothing in the Arab world that black cumin is called a cure for all diseases except death. You can read about the properties of black cumin in the article about cumin on the link

Black cumin use of cumin

One of the world’s most famous producer of black cumin oil is the factory in Cairo El Hawaj. Particularly popular are black cumin oils Mallaky Royal, Ethiopian and Syrian.

Incense, aromamasla and oily perfumes.

Excellent make aromatic oils and oil perfumes in Egypt. It all depends on tastes and preferences.

Incense in Egypt
Incense in Egypt

Just keep in mind that the smells in different climatic zones may differ. Therefore, at home you can be a little disappointed in the chosen fragrance.

Therapeutic ointments for joints, legs

Egypt makes some very unique and effective ointments from joint, lower back and other parts of the body. They perfectly relieve pain and inflammation, warm, reduce swelling.

Colokvint ointment with black cumin from Al Kapten from Egypt
Egyptian ointment from colocvint pains with black cumin

Let’s name the most important ones: colquinate ointment with black cumin, ointment with ostrich fat and ointment with black cumin. The first two are very good, the only negative is the sharp and strong smell of essential oils in their composition.


There are many interesting and unusual sweets in Egypt. It’s all about tastes: it’s easy to understand that you can only like it by trial and error.

Arabic tea, drinks

The choice of tea in Egypt is huge and most of them are hard for us to describe. Something of course can go madly like, something will seem terrible to taste.

Cool Egyptian teas: karkade, rose, shelba
Egyptian Arabic tea, drinks

Note the yellow tea Of Helba or Hilba – these are fenugreek seeds, essentially spices and spices. Egyptians brew it as a regular tea, drink with sugar or honey, sometimes with milk. The taste is interesting and unusual. But the view of the helba grains themselves is very beautiful.

Also chic here is karkade or red tea. It is very tasty, healthy and not very expensive.

Other types of Egyptian tea include Bedouin, doom palm, cuff, dombeya arabica or mogat,anise tea, lemon grass or lemon grass, dry rose, a pleasant milk drink of saleep or sahrep.


Since Egypt is located in the north of Africa, with delicious coffee on this continent there is no problem, because it is in Africa grow coffee on an industrial scale for sale all over the world.

Coffee in Egypt

Spices, spices

In Egypt, so many spices and spices can be found that you have never heard of most of them. But highlight the most interesting: black cumin,turmeric, sage, rosemary, saffron.

Huge selection of spices and spices in Egypt
Arabic spices, spices in Egypt


There’s a crazy choice. After all, the first fruits and vegetables are often on the shelves of our supermacreths and markets exactly Egyptian: from young potatoes to strawberries.

Fruits of Egypt
Fruits in Egypt: mango, peaches, apples, bananas, guava

There are also dates and pomegranates, figs, persimmons, physalis, sugar apple esta, mango, peaches, bananas. Cheap here and imported fruits: guava fruit, avocado, pineapple.

Papyrus or paintings

Pretty beautiful sell papyrus paintings or papyrus in its purest form. Really real paintings from papyrus, as a rule, quite expensive.

Traditional papyrus in Egypt

But such a gift to friends will not be left unattended. This purchase can be a home element of the decor in your apartment. The main thing is to protect your purchase from moisture.

And the main rules of shopping in Egypt: bargain to the last! Prices can be inflated 10 times or more.


Please note that the following items are not allowed to be taken out:

  • National currency;
  • any parts of flora and fauna, including corals, shells;
  • stuffed crocodiles;
  • Ivory
  • Antiquities;
  • in recent years, there have been bans on the export of hookahs.
Hookahs in Egypt

Enjoy your holiday, good shopping and maximum pleasant feelings from Egypt!

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